Your Weight Isn’t Your Fault: 4 Powerful Reasons Why

Remember the glorious days of sweaty 80’s aerobics? Back then, it was common knowledge that dieting, or eating fewer calories while burning more, was *the* solution to losing weight.

The dangerous, counter-productive implication was: Fat is your fault. You lack willpower. You lack motivation.

Clients tell me how trainers and nutritionists have accused them of outright lying about their calorie intake when the scale didn’t budge.

I’d like to apologize on behalf of an industry that can purport to care about a woman’s health and then turn around and berate her for not doing enough, being enough, trying enough.

We’re done with that, ok?

Could we ALL eat a little less pizza and a little more vegetables? Sure. Myself absolutely included. Could we all get more movement/exercise in our days? Yes.

But largely, the factors working against maintaining a healthy weight go beyond a simple calorie in/calorie out equation.

You are not to blame for the powerful, obesogenic forces at play in our modern world.

But we CAN provide a counter force…if we know what we’re up against.

This is the first in a series on women’s weight loss. I’ll be covering the following topics, hyperlinking each one as the article becomes available:

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