#1: Welcome to She’s Got Power

She's Got Power Podcast Episode #1

Hello! Welcome to my brand, spankin’ new She’s Got Power podcast. I’m your host, Michelle Leotta, a health coach trained in integrative and functional medicine who helps women recover from burnout and chronic stress. On today’s episode, I share a story about how people pleasing and perfectionism caused a cascade of effects in one woman’s body, including poor digestion, inflamed skin and carrying around extra weight.

This show is definitely NOT about eating healthy so you can lose weight and fit into your skinny jeans or drinking a green smoothie because its “trendy” or anything like that. This is about women feeling powerful and being a force in the world. It’s about needing every ounce of calm, clear-headed strength that we can collectively get.

You’ll hear about:

  • How our attitudes toward young girls create chronic dieters
  • Why perfectionism and people-pleasing could be at the heart of your health issues
  • The epidemic of women taking on too many responsibilities and not getting enough rest
  • Why a diet is often NOT the answer What happens when we don’t prioritize taking care of ourselves
  • How you might actually be participating in your own disempowerment Ideas for winding down at night and getting your “me” time

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