#2: Far-Reaching Effects of Stress

Trying to DO everything and trying to BE everything? It’ll show up in your health in unexpected ways. In this episode I share why recovering from chronic stress is not a straight line and why we need to stop holding ourselves responsible for #allofthethings.

I’ll be diving deep into my personal story and sharing the nitty-gritty of how I became well-versed (maybe too well-versed) in this topic. I see doctors using medications to mask symptoms, but I’m going to encourage you to confront the root cause. It’s a much more powerful solution.

Are you ready to look at the big picture in your life?

You’ll hear about:

  • A story of dizzy spells
  • The fallout from a dysregulated stress response
  • What happens when your stress system malfunctions
  • Why food can be a stressor on your body
  • Changing external circumstances and internal stressors
  • My miscarriage story and the depression it brought on
  • Recovering from burnout
  • Managing the root cause instead of just using medication to mask symptoms
  • Looking at the big picture as a starting point for healing

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