#3: A Work Ethic on Overdrive

With a work ethic on overdrive, your body will often start sending messages that signal HELLO, it’s time to slow down.

But will you listen? If you continue down the path of all work and no play your body will give you more signals until you do. These might include anxiety, weight gain, poor digestion and headaches. Or as our guest Michelle Warner describes in this week’s episode, you may find yourself flat on your back, unable to move.

It’s time to learn the difference between working hard vs. way TOO hard.

You’ll hear about:

  • Messages your body sends when your work ethic is on overdrive
  • Working at a tech startup as a CEO-for-hire
  • The realization that can come from a yoga injury
  • How one woman re-routed her passion into a career and lifestyle that supports her health, rather than destroying it
  • The Ayurvedic approach to balance
  • The role nutrition can play in recovering from burnout
  • Learning to embrace moderation

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