#5: Chill Out Your Stress Response with Brodie Welch

Today on the show we’re talking to my friend, Brodie Welch. She’s a bit of an anomaly when it comes to wellness – and specifically Traditional Chinese Medicine. Don’t think woo-woo, don’t think weird…I promise. Brodie is nothing short of practical and straight shooting. You are going to LOVE her approach to healing from chronic stress and burnout.

You’ll hear about:

  • How Traditional Chinese Medicine looks at stress and the central concept of yin and yang balance
  • Why we feel so much pressure to be in yang mode and the lack of cultural support around relaxing, down-time and taking care of our bodies
  • Why using social media is basically like consuming empty calories and what practices actually help you to rejuvenate and recharge your yin
  • Why busyness is NOT a badge of honor and how to avoid getting sucked into this mentality
  • Why stress is just a bad habit and how your external circumstances don’t have to dictate your internal world
  • Brodie’s advice for getting unstuck by putting yourself around people who “do it differently”
  • A success story of someone who overcame codependency with a change in her daily habits and where she gathered her self-worth
  • The 1% shift you can use today to chill out your stress response

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