#12: Is Stress Causing Your Digestion Problems?

Today I am joined by Andrea Nakayama, a functional medicine nutritionist and expert in digestive health. Listen carefully as she explains how your stress response is linked to digestion – and start better understanding your symptoms. (This empowering explanation has 1000x more healing potential than any bottle of Pepto!)

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You’ll hear about:

  • Why digestion is a taboo topic for women (and why I think this is nonsense!)
  • How stress and digestion go hand-in-hand (and how hormones impact EVERYTHING)
  • The three things you need to keep in balance: sleeping, pooping and blood sugar
  • How factors like trauma, abuse and environmental factors impact digestion
  • Accepting that it’s okay to surrender and ask those around you for help 
  • The pillars of autoimmunity and the shocking link this has to the gut
  • Clearing the “muddy waters” and tracking how this affects you


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