#14: Introducing the She’s Got Power Book Club

As we wrap up Season 1 of the podcast, please join me for something a little different…a virtual book club just for She’s Got Power listeners. It’ll be fun, it’s free and we’re going to have some juicy conversation as we expand our minds on topics related to self-worth, food, and our power as women.

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A better book club

I love books clubs but you know how it’s always so difficult to schedule them? And then you try and you do like, one or two successful meetings with your friends but it falls apart after that? Or book club really just turns into wine club?

This will be a little different.

Our first book

Hunger by Roxane Gay

Hunger is an intimate, powerfully written book about the author’s experience of food and her body. It’s about desire, denial, self-comfort and self-care. I have found Roxane Gay to be an amazing writer — she’s a woman of color, a feminist and in this book she bravely explores what it means to take care of yourself.

I chose this book because I think it embodies the spirit of She’s Got Power:

We aren’t perfect. Life is hard. The world is not fair. And yet, as strong women, we can rise above it.

We’ll talk all about the book when we’re back with Season 2 in early 2020.

Happy Holidays, everyone. Eat a cookie.


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