#21: Cookies & Quarantiphanies

This is hard. We’re a couple weeks into the coronavirus quarantine and feelings of anxiety, loneliness and depression may be setting in. It’s a time to go easy on yourself, keep your spirits up and once again…go easy on yourself. You should have that cookie. You may even have a quarantiphany!

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This is hard.

It’s been 2 weeks of coronavirus quarantine and I get the feeling that our general overwhelm and anxiety is quickly morphing into feeling…

Kinda depressed.

Food is one way that we comfort ourselves when we’re sad or scared. And that’s not a terrible thing. I mean…you could do a lot worse than eating a box of chocolate chip cookies when you need to numb out.

(Or in my case this week, the chocolate chip cookies, a full size bag of tortilla chips and not one but TWO boxes of Annie’s cheddar bunnies. Ahem.)

This is not the time to beat yourself up.

You are a grown woman. 

If that means you’re standing half naked in your kitchen at 2am eating peanut butter out of the jar because that’s what you want to do? 

Great. Awesome. Own that peanut butter.

This is a time to prioritize going easy on ourselves and…dare I say, having some fun?

Yes, fun. Gotta keep spirits up.

Here’s something fun. One thing I’ve been doing during quarantine is taking advantage of the many dance classes available online. 

I love to dance. I’ve danced my whole life, although there’s been very little formal training in recent years.

This week, out came the tap shoes, the jazz sneakers, ballet slippers, you name it.

On Sunday I took a 90’s jazz class. 

(This is my scene, baby. I used to competitively dance during the 90’s, doing these exact moves!) 

Imagine this…

I’m prancing around my living room like something straight out of a Paula Abdul video. I look down and notice a mess of black stuff on my floor. A few minutes later? I almost fell over because the rubber sole of my jazz sneaker literally crumbled apart. The heel fell off in one big piece. 

And I was so mad! How dare this shoe die on me right now? I’ve lovingly saved my dance shoes for years and years. This particular pair…well I realized they were 15 years old. The last time I was properly dancing and performing on any stage was in my late 20’s.

I guess those Bloch soles aren’t meant to last forever. (Bloch is the brand. Bloch if you are reading, please send a replacement, TIA.)

Then came my quarantiphany.

Holy moly, I thought. I need dance back in my life. How could 15 years have passed?

I hope you’re also having these moments of clarity, provided by the space of social distancing.

(By the way, I have been posting a lot of these attempts at dance classes on Instagram, if you’re there, follow me at ShesGotPower.)

There are big opportunities for growth here.

First, the dance. But I’ve also been having fun doing Zoom happy hours with friends that I really should have been connecting more with this whole time. We’ve done karaoke. We’ve celebrated a 50th birthday. Now we’re planning a virtual wine tasting. 

Seriously…my social calendar hasn’t been this lit in ages.

Know what else is fun? Letting myself just eat the cookie.

Eat the cookie. Eat 3.

With no talk about how you’re going to burn it off tomorrow or lose the weight after quarantine or blah blah blah.

Eat the cookie. Go find some fun. The end.


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