#39: Rebuilding Myself (and How You Can Too)

Listen to hear what I am doing to rebuild myself as I head into this new year and how you can join me on this journey of getting your resiliency back and becoming the best version of yourself.

You’ll hear:

  • That moment when your body simply just CANNOT do #allthethings
  • Why you’re perfect just as you are
  • The final straws I faced in 2020
  • A system for women who want to turn off stress

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Sometimes you’re just…done.

Your body says: No more. Lie down. You ain’t going anywhere.

Today was that day for me. You should have seen me face planted on the bed.

Meanwhile, my mind was racing with all the things I should be doing.

I should be catching up on emails. I should be making lunch for the kids who are remote learning this week, and one has lunch at 11:30 and the other has lunch at 1:30 because, you know, I am a cafeteria lady. I should be working on 3 different projects for work. I should be recording a podcast episode.

Me: “Come on. Get up. Get up.”

My body: “Nope.”

Have you found yourself in a position like this lately? Post-2020 madness, post-holidays and OMG the capitol building…? I can’t. I just cannot.

Significant stress = significant impact on your body

The impact of the last year has been significant for all of us. 

It’s important to note that chronic stress is a mental and emotional state but it’s also a physical state. Our bodies change, our gut microbiome shifts, we become depleted, we gain weight, we have trouble sleeping, our digestion doesn’t work as well. 

So this January does not seem to match the typical “new year, new you” messages. Or diet/detox messages. It’s really not about that. 

You? You’re perfect. You don’t have to change yourself.

But if you’ve been dragged down and feeling like I’ve been feeling?

It’s time to rebuild.

The final straw(s)

Honestly, I’d been holding up well until the holidays. But these were the final straws (and maybe you’ve experienced something similar?)…

  1. I don’t regret holiday baking and eating, but I do know that it takes a toll on the body. Sugar weakens us – from our bones to our immune response – and it definitely tanks our energy. I’m never at my best when I’ve been eating sugar on a daily basis. 
  2. I’ve also been working a lot more at night than I want to. That’s the ugly truth. How else are parents supposed to make it work with kids home and remote-learning all day – especially single parents? With kids home I find myself much less productive and using nighttimes to catch up. This has definitely not been serving me well. 
  3. I did take a vacation over the holiday break but, as many of you know if you’re following me on Instagram, I was involved in a multi-car accident. It was a scene. Luckily, even though I was hit on the drivers’ side, I’m fine. No one was injured. The car, however, was totaled. Let’s just call this the icing on the cake. It’s exactly the kind of thing that will put your stress response in overdrive and lead to burnout.


So like I said, it’s time to rebuild.

It may feel like the time to crack a bottle of wine or dive into a chocolate cake.

Those things can soothe away mild stress in the moment, for sure.

But this is deeper.

Now, I’m probably not the only one feeling this way. I’ve had listeners emailing me for MONTHS asking for help with their own versions of 2020 burnout.

Maybe it’s crept up on you, like it did to me? Feeling ok, managing alright but…shoot. Suddenly you realize how drained you are.

I’m looking for women who are ready to rebuild.

So I’m looking for women who are ready to rebuild themselves – with me. 

Let’s do it together! I’ll make it easy and fun to find that inner fortitude again. 

We need strength for whatever the heck is coming next.

There’s a system for helping women turn off stress

…and all the crappy symptoms that come along with it.

One time I ran this program and a woman joined who was in a constant state of road rage. I thought she hated my guts. But within a few days she was like a brand new person. That angry shell lifted. Would you believe she went on to, just a few months later, quit her job and become a holistic practitioner herself? What a 180.

Another woman, a mom with two little kids, cut her cholesterol numbers in half. Cholesterol is a sign of inflammation in the body, so when the body is stressed and inflamed cholesterol rises. Give yourself a chance to cool off? Those numbers plummet even while eating nourishing foods like eggs and butter. I’ve seen it happen many times.

Here’s one more fun story…

This woman had Hashimoto’s and had been suffering in a big way for months. Within 4 days she was less bloated, more energized, having more regular bowel movements (with Hashimoto’s or hypothyroidism it’s very common to be constipated) and lost 3 pounds. 

In fact, losing 3-5 pounds is pretty common among the women I work with even though everyone is eating three meals and a couple snacks each day. It’s allllllll about calming and cooling the body of inflammation. That’s what the extra weight is usually about. Belly fat in particular is a telling sign that stress is the problem.

This January…

This month, I’m looking for strong, smart women who like to do things the right way and hold themselves to high standards.


They’re feeling bloated or heavy – they want to move more freely and feel less bogged down.

They’re women who have reached the end of their rope and need to build their resiliency back up.

Know anyone like that? Steer them my way.

Or maybe it’s you?

We start on 1/17

My Lift program is just 5 days and we’re starting January 17th. I’ll be there, fully participating as well as guiding you through. It’s a short but effective program with several extra bonuses and goodies, plus my personal support every day. 

You can sign up at ShesGotPower.com/Lift2021

I ran a free version of Lift last May during quarantine. We needed a lift then, too! That was a sort of pared back version….this time I’m doing it full-out. You’ll get meal plans for individuals, family, omnivore or vegetarian and I’ll be available for daily support where you can ask questions. I’m even planning a bonus guide on optional supplements to support rebuilding your body. 

We can do a LOT of good in 5 days. Join us here

Questions? Find me on Instagram @shesgotpower or email michelle@shesgotpower.com.

Can’t wait! I need this! We all need this.

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