#47: The Power To Create the Life You Want

#47: The Power To Create the Life You Want

Don’t mean to get all “woo” on you, but here’s the truth: You are far more powerful than you give yourself credit for. In this episode I’ll share exactly why you should consider putting pen to paper and naming your desires so they can start making their way to you.

You’ll hear:

  • The incredible power of naming what you want
  • How we limit ourselves unintentionally
  • Real life stories of women who were intentional with their thoughts
  • A personal story I still can’t quite believe myself!

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What’s been dancing on the edge of your mind?

Right now I’m looking out the window of my new home, overlooking the Hudson River. It’s all so calm and peaceful and it’s like…WOW I made this happen.

I feel a little sheepish sharing this story because I’m NOT a woo woo kind of girl.

Sure, I buy organic. Some people would call me crunchy. But I’m not someone who, you know, tucks power crystals into my bra. If you know what I mean.

What’s something you want? Want to do, want to achieve, want to create? What’s that thing that’s been dancing on the edge of your mind but you keep pushing it away?

Name it.

Because I have an idea.

Stop putting up ceilings

Last year I had the idea that I wanted to buy a house.

It seemed crazy. Out of reach. 

See, I’m only recently divorced, if you’ve ever been divorced you know the expense that goes along with that. I’m a single earner household, running my own business – very different from being a W2 employee. I thought, I’ll NEVER be able to buy a house in this covid-induced real estate market where homes in my area are going into bidding wars and getting $100,000 over asking price.

Plus, every house that came on the market was like, whoa, waaaay more house than I needed. Or whoa, waaaaay too many repairs required. 

I decided, you know what? I’m just going to stay put. 

Now is not the time.

And with that, I created a ceiling.

We do this. We want something – but, no, now isn’t the time. It’s not the time to do that yoga teacher training, it’s not the time to go after the big job, it’s not the time to grow out our gray hair.

We talk ourselves out of it.

Um…how are we supposed to embody our full power if we’re always limiting ourselves?

Pretend now IS the right time

I remember a client who was up to her ears with job stress. She was constantly working and wrapped up in drama from her workplace. She wanted to change careers but – same old story.

Now’s not the time.

So we had a conversation that went like this…

I said, “Ok, I get it. Now’s not the time to go back to school or start over with your career. But what if it WAS? What would you do? What would you want your new career to look like?”

She told me. 

She’d worked in a nursing home facility for a long time because it was in her heart to help our aging population. Of course most of the job is dealing with budgets and red tape and politics. She wasn’t able to make the impact she wanted. 

My client said her dream career would be working to revamp our elder care system. (And maybe just part time hours.) 

But she didn’t know how to make that happen. She didn’t know where to start.

Within a few weeks, she had an opportunity presented to her – a firm looking to revamp the face of elder care in our country. I’m not kidding! Part time hours. Everything she had articulated in our conversation.

You know what?

I’ve seen this happen with quite a few women I’ve worked with.

Is it just a coincidence? Maybe.

But what the heck? When it came to finding a house, I decided to write about it. 

Every night I wrote down the exact house I was looking for. Number of bedrooms, bathrooms. I wanted an office. Basement. Deck. Had to be under a certain price. 

Over and over, every night. It was a pretty repetitive journal entry.

A few months later, my friend reached out to me. She’s a realtor.

“Get your pre-approval right now. I have a house for you.”

And when I saw the house? It was exactly what I’d been writing about. It found me.

But that’s not the whole story.

Our thoughts are more powerful than we think

While packing to move, I came across a piece of paper.

I gasped and jumped backwards, almost dropping it.

Because right there on the page was an illustration of my new bedroom in my new house. The arrangement of the furniture, the window, the water.

It was a drawing I’d made a couple years earlier, while on a retreat. 

They asked us to draw what we wanted our future to look like.

This might be crazy talk

Or do you think there’s something to it?

If it was JUST the journal writing I may have shrugged and called it a coincidence. But I’ve seen this happen before with my clients. And when I found that drawing, well…


There’s no harm in trying

Journaling in and of itself is a very calming thing to do. It’s a great way to turn off your stress response.

Of course, sometimes you don’t know what to write.

So try this: Write what you want. Be specific about the details. Imagine it, then write it down.

Do it every day. (It’s not like if you miss a day the magic won’t work. But do it routinely, write it down over and over.)

You want a house, what kind of house?

A new job, what would that be?

You want to heal a relationship in your life, how do you want that to look?

You want to heal YOURSELF, heal from an illness or a heartbreak? What would life be like on the other side?

Imagine it. Write it down. Paint the picture.

See if you can harness this power – what they call “manifesting.” 

Because I gotta tell you, I feel like a freaking magician. I will manifest the heck out of anything I want moving forward. 

A door I didn’t know existed has opened.

And it feels really powerful.

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