Food to Restore & Replenish (Day 2 Living Ageless)

Food to Restore & Replenish (Day 2 Living Ageless)

Welcome to How To Live Ageless, a special mini-series. In this second episode, we’re talking about food…but definitely not about dieting. Listen and learn how to feed your youthful glow!

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You’ll hear about:

  • The most important aspect of your diet when it comes to aging
  • Gaining weight? Feeling puffy? Learn what might be triggering inflammation in your body
  • How millions of women are suffering from autoimmunity and why food matters

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We're back. It's so exciting to see how many women have joined us to live ageless Lee this week. I feel kind of nervous to be preparing these episodes for all of you. But don't worry, I have my handy dandy jar of peanut butter next to me and some green and blacks 85 percent dark chocolate, which of course, I'm dipping into the peanut butter. It's awesome. It's also a pretty good segway into talking about food.

So you know now we take care of our skin as we get older, but we're so careful to use our eye creams and our moisturizers and give back what our skin is lacking. Well, we need to do that on the inside of our body as well, and not just for the sake of our skin, but for the sake of our bones. You know, our brain, everything.

Over time, we've become depleted, just part of being alive. And I think it starts. I mean, for me, I'm thinking, gosh, my childhood, I had strep throat like 9000 times. So I was on antibiotics constantly and we were eating things for dinner like Steak-umms and Swanson TV dinners. Or maybe Hungry Man, I remember those. And that really must have been the start of my depletion process. I don't know about you, but then when I was in college, I lived on alcohol and coffee and those Totino's pizza rolls and Little Stevie's Late-Night Pizza for anyone that went to college in Boston. Maybe, you know little Stevie's. Or then when I was a bit older, the chronic stress that I experienced in my first career, I used to work in advertising. And when you're under chronic stress, your body actually wastes away nutrients like you are peeing out magnesium, for example. That's just one of the nutrients that your body is just becoming depleted in, simply because you're under stress.

Stress is also a big factor in your gut health deteriorating. And then, of course, as a guy a little bit older had a couple babies, you know, the body is always prioritizing the baby's nutrient needs at the expense of the mothers.

So here we are going through all these different stages of life. Yeah, we've become depleted and part of living agelessly is restoring the body or giving your body what it needs in order to restore itself. You know, sometimes we think about restoring the body, like getting injections in our lips or getting implants in our butt. But really, if we are consuming the right nutrients, your body will restore itself.

I've been a health coach for women for a long time. I've seen health trends come and go. Today we're not going to talk about any of those today. Instead, I want to share a very interesting statistic. Every serving of vegetables that we add to our diet up to about five servings a day has been proven to decrease our risk of all cause mortality by five percent.

So what does that mean if you're going from, you know, one serving of vegetables per day and now you're doing two servings of vegetables per day? Boom, you just decrease your likelihood of death from all causes by five percent. And you can do that again. You can go up to three servings, and the benefits have been proven five percent, five percent more, you know, up to five servings.

And really, ideally, you'd be getting more like eight or even 10 servings of vegetables a day for optimal health, you know, for optimal restoration of whatever your body has been up against for the past 40, 50 years, however old you are. So what if for this week we do not worry about calories or macros or going keto or dieting at all and instead just eat more vegetables? It's so simple it just may work.

Here's what's going to happen first. You're going to start to replenish your stores of micronutrients. Like most people, the vast majority of us are nutrient deficient. So this is a great start. You want to eat green things, you can eat orange things, you can eat purple things and yellow things, you know, get that whole rainbow effect going on.

The other thing that's going to happen, coincidentally, is that when you're eating more vegetables, you're automatically eating more fiber. So you're going to feel full, you going to feel more satisfied and potentially not snack as much, potentially have more steady blood sugar throughout the day. I mean, there's lots of benefits to eating more fiber, so that's just like a side benefit. And if you just think about it logistically, if you are busy, you know, munching on those carrots or those bell peppers because you're like, “oh, I got to get, you know, I'm going to try to get more vegetables in my mouth today.” If you're doing that, you're less likely to be eating something else, right? It's called crowding out.

So if you focus more on the veggies, you may realize you don't even have room on your plate for the bread. Or if you're like, Yeah, I'm going to try Michelle's recipe for spaghetti squash. You might not even have time. Or you might not even think to rummage in the cabinet for a bag of chips. And by the way, I do have recipes for you. I have a whole recipe book exclusive to How to Live Ageless members available when you register for free at That's completely free. To join us, you're going to get the recipe book and you'll be entered to win a natural skincare giveaway for my favorite skincare brand, Annmarie Skin Care.

Now, I don't know about you, but it is exciting to think I can extend my lifetime. Like I can actually create youthfulness in a way just by eating a couple more vegetables. Don't even get me started on protein and healthy fats and how good those are for your system, especially as you get older. We'll talk about all of that another time because real quick, I want to talk about the other aspect of food, right? So some foods replenish us. They give us our youth back. In a sense, they make us ageless. But other foods that kind of, you know, they kind of do the opposite. And what I mean by that is they trigger inflammation in the body.

Inflammation is going to show up as puffiness. You ever wake up in the morning and you look at yourself in the mirror and you're like, Why is my face so puffy? And you realize, like, maybe last night you were, you know, munching on a bunch of corn chips or you drank too much alcohol or whatever it was? Yeah, that's inflammation. And then maybe it's going to show up as stiffness or pain or bloating or other digestive problems or weight. All these things just, you know, raise your hand. If any of that sounds familiar, even mental health issues, anxiety, depression is there's actually a term brainflamation when the brain is inflamed and it got just a little step beyond inflammation.

Did you know that 50 million Americans have an autoimmune disease, the majority of which are women? Now, autoimmunity is when your immune system makes a mistake. Basically, it accidentally it sort of misfire. Ayers, and it starts attacking your own cells. That is the opposite of living agelessly when you are actually killing off your own cells. That's more like deterioration, right? So now depending which tissues of the body are being targeted? You get a different diagnosis.

Hashimoto's is thyroid rheumatoid arthritis. That's the joints. Psoriasis, that's your skin, but basically the same issue. Now, why am I talking about this? Well, in my practice, I've noticed over the past 13 years a greater and greater incidence of autoimmunity among my clients. In fact, I'm just finishing up a certification program in the autoimmune protocol. I've been working with clients who have autoimmunity for years. This is sort of an added certification I wanted to get because it's becoming so prevalent, and it's been really fascinating to learn exactly how many triggers can set off autoimmunity that are within our control and food triggers are huge.

So suffice it to say that if you are experiencing some of those symptoms that I mentioned anxiety, depression, fatigue, aches and pains, brain fog also rashes, sleep disturbances, weight changes. I'm not saying you necessarily have an autoimmune disease, but you could definitely be experiencing inflammation triggered by certain foods, and I want you to be aware of that.

It's kind of like, you know, if you were using a makeup product that always made your skin break out, you'd stop using it, right? It would be a no brainer. So if you're eating something that's causing inflammation, you kind of want to know. So in the back of your free how to live ageless recipe book, you're going to see a three day food diary. Fill it out and then book a free call with me so that we can discuss. I would love to help you connect the dots between what you're eating and how you've been feeling. I mean, this is very empowering when you can start affecting how you feel every day.

So you can get that recipe book and the food diary for free when you join us for How to Live Ageless. Go to And I'll be back tomorrow for day three. Go eat some veggies. I'll see you then.

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