Skin Secrets (Day 3 Living Ageless)

Skin Secrets (Day 3 Living Ageless)

Welcome to How To Live Ageless, a special mini-series. Today we’re talking about caring for your skin naturally – from the inside out. For the full ageless living experience, and free recipe book, join for FREE at

For the full experience, including recipe book, join for FREE at

You’ll hear about:

  • How your skin serves as an indicator of what’s happening in your body
  • How food, your environment and sleep make an impact
  • Why you should DEFINITELY go for walk outside, have great sex and/or take a dance class!

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It's day three of How to Live Ageless. And of course, I prerecorded all of these episodes because they needed time to go to my podcast producer, get edited, et cetera. So as it turns out, I'm recording today on my actual birthday a couple of weeks before this show is going to get released.

It's like boom, right? Another year, another trip around the Sun. It's beautiful outside. I got a good long sleep last night. We're going to talk more about sleep tomorrow. I did some exercise and I just ate breakfast, which is actually a really common breakfast around here. I make eggs and some sort of sauteed greens. Today, I had collard greens. They were already chopped up. So then I just throw them in the same pan that I just made the egg then and they're done in like 30 seconds. So easy. I do this almost every morning and I feel great.

There's a lot of ways to measure that, right, like how you feel, how do you there's so many different ways we can answer that question and I'm like, How do I feel now? I'm 42 years old? Or for you? How do you feel today? It's like, how is our energy levels? Did we have a good night's sleep? How does our body feel physically? Are we creaky? Are we achy? Lots of ways to assess. But here's one that you may not often consider. Today I want to talk about what your skin is looking like because your skin. I mean, obviously, we want our skin to look smooth and supple because life does not come with an Instagram filter all the time. So there's vanity. That's OK.

But your skin is also a terrific indicator of what's going on inside your body. It's almost like a gauge or an output, you know, on a machine telling you on the outside what's happening inside. So if we were cars and we had little readouts on our dashboard, it's like that. So maybe today you would see on your dashboard that your hydration is down. So are you going to drink more water? Your skin is a dashboard.

Now as part of How to Live Ageless. Everybody who's registered this week is entered to win some gorgeous products from Annmarie Skin Care made with organic and wildcrafted ingredients, and these are the products that I use. So if you haven't signed up yet, I want you to do that. You can sign up for free at And just like that, you'll be entered to win.

One thing that I've been doing so far this season in terms of my skin with the dry weather is using Annmarie’s anti-aging oil, religiously. Like I actually only use the cleanser once every few days, but every morning, every night I'm massaging that oil into my face and it makes a huge difference.

Now, in the summer, it's different. I definitely go lighter with the oil. I use the cleanser more often, but I think responding to your environment is really important.

Now the same goes for what you're eating and drinking. If we want our skin to look more hydrated and smooth, we need to drink more water or I really love herbal teas. In fact, what I'll do is I make a whole French press, so we have a French press instead of using it for coffee. You can use it with loose tea and just put the tea leaves and fill it with hot water. And then I'm pouring from the French press all morning, which is my favorite way to stay hydrated in the in the cooler months where I don't really want to be drinking cold water. So there's that.

And then we also need healthy fats in our diet. That means fat from real food sources that have undergone minimal processing essential for skin health. So you want to think avocado, olive oil, butter, ghee, coconut oil? You know you don't have to eat it by the spoonful. But my goodness, don't avoid it. Your body needs that kind of fat for so many reasons. I mean, your skin, yes, but also digestion hormones, brain health. This is all part of living agelessly, isn't it?

So another thing I found really helpful for skin, I don't know if you've ever looked at your skin a paid attention after a good workout, but it's like, whoa, what a difference blood flow makes when you're sitting all day under fluorescent lights, you know, and you're just very still just sitting. Your skin tends to look blah. And that's not just because of the fluorescent lights that you really do lose something. You also probably feel blah, right? But after a good walk outside, after a really fun dance class, after sex, it's like, whoa, skin is glowing.

So we want to do more of these things because it's good for your skin. It's good for all of your body and your mind and your spirit. This is living ageless. Like to me, that's what it's all about. It all works together.

Now, another often overlooked aspect to having that great youthful looking skin is sleep. And like I said, we're going to talk more about sleep tomorrow. But notice your face in the morning when you've only had like five or six hours of sleep. You know, what does that look like? And I'm not just talking about bags under your eyes, although, you know, as part of it. Then compare that to a day where you've slept a solid eight or nine hours. Your skin looks very different. I noticed this all the time, and it's another motivator to get to bed.

And I want to circle back to the food thing. We talked yesterday about how most of us are nutrient deficient. And so as an example, let's say that we're low in iron, very common among women that is going to show on your face like you're going, you know, depending how severe it is, you're going to look like death warmed over. You know, that's kind of what happens, right? Because back to the whole blood flow idea, if your blood is weak, there's not enough iron. It's you're going to look at it and you're going to feel like death warmed over.

So remember that as part of this event, I'm giving you a free recipe book when you register. I've got a bunch of delicious recipes designed to really like this is I'm not just saying this is like a cliché kind of way, but like quite literally bring life back to your body to replenish and restore and make you damn near ageless. So if you haven't already registered for this free event, you can do so and get that free recipe book at for today. Now that I've kind of shared some of my best information about taking care of your skin as we get older.

Look at it, go look at your skin in the mirror. I want you to notice its texture. Notice any rashes or bumps. Not just your face, but your whole body. And if you complete the three day food diary, it's at the back of your How to Live Ageless recipe book. I'd love to talk about it with you on a quick call because food plays a huge role in what your skin looks like. We could talk about those other habits, too. That's it for today, everyone. I've got some birthday celebrating to go do, and I'll see you tomorrow when we're going to be covering the topic of your circadian rhythm.

So if you've been feeling off, feeling tired, lethargic, this one is definitely for you. I'll see you then.

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