#63: 5 Ways to Detox That Have Nothing To Do With Food or Your Body

5 Ways to Detox That Have Nothing To Do With Food or Your Body

Your environment and mind can become cluttered and toxic – affecting your stress levels, energy and overall health. Forget the juice cleanse and instead learn how to clean up your external world. Want more? Get notified when Michelle’s signature system is open for registration at http://ShesGotPower.com/spring2022.

In this episode you’ll hear about:

  • Detoxing in ways that you may not have thought about
  • Major inspiration for detoxing your real life and online environment
  • How you can even start detoxing your finances and relationships

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Today, I want to talk more about how your environment, your time, and your external world matters so much to your health. It’s really and truly not all about diet and exercise.

Detoxing your priorities

Let’s talk about “detoxing” in ways that have nothing to do with food or your physical body. 

How about, for starters, detoxing your time? I saw an Instagram post the other day that said if someone only saw your actions, what would they think your priorities are?

If you’re watching too much television, maybe you can watch less of that. Maybe there’s less mindless social media scrolling. Maybe there’s more time in solitude. Maybe there’s more time in nature. 

One of my clients recently realized that her nighttime work hours were setting off a cascade of negative effects. If she was working late, she’d end up snacking more, feeling tired, not doing her best work at night. She doesn’t have any time to herself on those evenings and would only get five or six hours of sleep, giving her low energy the next day.

Detoxing your time might mean shifting your schedule. Of course, you can’t always control your work schedule, but if you are able to and are continuing down this path, why is that? Why allow your health to continue to suffer if you don’t have to? 

Detoxing your mind

Your mind can be a toxic place, but there are simple things you can do to make it better. 

Curate your social media feed

You can unfollow people who make you feel upset or bad about yourself, even if they’re not doing it on purpose. If it triggers something in you, that’s negative. Why not unfollow and be done with that? 

Limit media that upsets your nervous system

You can also detox your mind by being careful with what other media you consume — news, TV shows, movies. If you’re watching something violent, something that makes you upset, something that makes you doubt yourself or feel badly, you’re bringing that all into your system.  You don’t need that. Consider everything that you’re consuming, not just your food. 

Turn your phone off at night 

I started putting my phone on airplane mode at night years ago, and I love it. Nothing’s going to buzz or interrupt me in the middle of the night, and I’m literally not available because I am sleeping. This is all about clearing your mind and giving yourself some space to breathe from all the clutter.

Removing people from your social media or turning off your notifications does not mean other people are terrible. But it doesn’t benefit your life to know all their updates. Give yourself permission to curate your life so that you’re able to enjoy it.

Detoxing your finances

Money is often a stressful topic, but financial health can be such an important aspect of your overall well being. It feels so good when all your bills and payments are organized and on track so you know where the heck they are and how to find them. 

For you, it might mean setting up a budget. It might mean getting rid of extraneous credit cards. Look at where you’re spending and where you might not need to be spending. Cancel the subscriptions you’re not using. There are so many subscriptions these days! 

Detoxing your environment

Look at your living space, does it bring you joy? Unleash your inner Marie Kondo and declutter everything around you. Donate old clothes, clean out your car — maybe just clean out the front seat of your car to get started. Make your bed in the morning, or hire a cleaning service. 

Also, think about your online environment. Since we do spend so much time on our phones and on our laptops, delete the apps you don’t use. Trash those old files on your computer that are taking up space and cluttering your desktop. 

Clearing your environment has a positive impact on your physical and mental health.

Detoxing your relationships

I’m not telling you to dump your boyfriend or get divorced. (Maybe?)

What about canceling plans with people who make you feel bad? Or maybe you need to define a boundary with someone who’s been draining your energy. 

One of my clients just had to have a talk with her husband about how they were going to manage an ongoing situation with their son. She’d been bearing the brunt of it for years and finally had enough. So she drew a boundary, communicated that boundary, and in the process, made space for herself. 

Notice how you feel

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Now go cancel one or two subscriptions. Wipe some apps off your phone. Notice how you feel!