#66: Beat Burnout With Style With Erin Mathis

Beat Burnout With Style With Erin Mathis

In a rut? When it comes to burnout, you can’t change your health or body overnight. One thing you can change, however, is your style. Hear from style expert Erin Mathis on how a few small tweaks to your clothes, hair, or even your eyebrows can make a big difference and give you that boost you need to take on the day. Need to bring some balance into your life? Join the waitlist for Michelle’s Signature System at http://ShesGotPower.com/System

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • How Erin recovered from rock bottom burnout
  • Embracing and honoring where you’re at now
  • How she helps her clients with their style 
  • A few small changes that an elevate your look and confidence
  • Get Erin’s Top 5 Steps to Up-level your Look

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Recover from burnout in style

Michelle (00:51):

Usually I talk about feeling better and overcoming burnout from the inside out that’s because it’s a lot harder to change the world or change your job or change your family. Then it is to change something about yourself and increase your own resiliency, physical, mental, emotional resiliency. However, my guest in this episode is Erin Mathis. She’s a style coach who shares her own story of feeling burnt out and getting a boost on the outside. And I have to agree. I feel great when I walk out of the salon or when I find a pair of jeans that just fit. So if you’re feeling sluggish or dragged down, stressed out, this is a way to get a boost right away. And Erin has some great tips to share. However, let’s not confuse a new pair of eyelash extensions with actual burn out recovery. My she’s got power.

Michelle (01:45):

Signature system is now open for registration. You guys, you can sign up for it now at the very accessible early price. And we’ll kick off with five days together later this March. So that means you’re getting the same system I use with all my private clients to overcome burnout, stress, anxiety, digestion issues, all these things are related and you don’t have to do it alone from March 20th to the 24th, we’re gonna get started together. So sign up now at she’s got power.com/system. I’m gonna say that again so you can write it down after all. This is a rare opportunity for us to work together outside of private coaching. You wanna go to, she’s got power.com/system. Now let’s talk style. Well, Hey Erin, welcome to the show.

Erin (02:39):

Nice to be here. Thanks for having me here.

Michelle (02:42):

We are. We’re gonna be talking about some more visual ideas today in terms of wardrobe and fashion and things like that. But before we even start talking about what’s in our closets and what we want there and what we don’t want there, I understand that you have your own story of burnout and recovery from burnout. So let’s start there. Will you tell us, like what, what was your, uh, what was your rock bottom and where, how did you climb out of it?

Erin (03:11):

Yes. Oh my goodness. I was in my early forties, I was a mother to young kids because I had started a little bit late and I was carrying maybe, I don’t know, 30, 35 extra pounds. I was like my, at my heaviest point, I felt overwhelmed, exhausted, stressed. I have always struggled with depression and some anxiety as well. So that’s something I’ve treated through out my life and been really intentional about. But at that point it’s like nothing that I had done before was working. And I was like, going back to the psychiatrist, like the meds aren’t working, what can we do? You know? And I know now that it was so much more than that, like a pill was not gonna fix that, but I, so I was, you know, depressed, anxious, overweight. I was drinking too much just to kind of escape, like the pressure of life.

Erin (04:05):

I was running an international style company, the style core, which, you know, sounds very glamorous and yeah, in some ways it is that we’re working with people all over the world and teaching style. But personally I felt lost, you know, definitely what I describe a midlife crisis. You know, every night it was a glass or two of wine or two cocktails. It was, you know, watching, I went through like a real, I’m just be vulnerable here. I was just watching postapocalyptic shows all the time. Oh, no reading books like that, because I think it made me feel like my LA I feel really stuck in my life. Feel really lost. It’s hard. So let me, let me watch, like the walking dead and so much worse, right?

Michelle (04:45):

Yeah. In comparison, I was

Erin (04:47):

Like, oh yeah. So it was, it was a very low time for me. And then I had young kids and working full time, so overwhelmed. So honestly I kind of was stuck in that place for some years. And then, okay. I had this sort of moment where we were designing a new website for our company and we needed to take photos for the website. And I know a lot of listeners can relate with this. Like, you’re getting your website up or you need a picture for your profile and you don’t feel good about yourself. Right? You, you wanna lose that extra 10, 20, 30, 40 pounds. You just don’t feel good. And that’s how, how I felt. And you know, furthermore, it’s a style company, so I wanted to represent, but I was at my lowest point. So at that point, I, I really started to like take everything we teach and GA I gave myself a makeover.

Embracing your current body shape

Erin (05:36):

I didn’t wait. I didn’t have time to wait to lose the weight. Right. So I just had to embrace my curvy body as it was right now, go out, go shopping. You know, I thrift it, I bought new stuff. And then I went to a tailor and I had everything fitted to my curvy shape. So it fit beautifully. And then at the time I was wearing my hair more natural, which was like a light brown, but I realized it didn’t resonate with my soul. I’m really just kind of blonde at heart, grew up blonde. And then, you know, it gets brown or as it, as it does with age. So I went back to blonde, I got hair extensions, gave myself a makeover ready for the photo shoot. We got the photos with a professional photographer and they turned out great. I was so happy with them.

Erin (06:25):

And just because I, you know, embraced my body and fitted the clothes nicely so that it balanced, I felt great about how it looked. And it even just gave me this boost cycle law, this boost of confidence. Like I just felt like I could be more comfortable in my own skin. I could step out one day, not long after that photo shoot and giving myself a makeover. I was walking my daughter to preschool and we lived in Los Angeles, near Hollywood at the time. So I was on this really like hip, you know, sunset Boulevard. I was actually on sunset Boulevard and where we lived right off sunset and this young photographer with a really nice camera came up to me and my daughter. And he said, excuse me, I’m a photographer for a fashion street blog. Could I take your picture? And that day I had on one of my new outfits, you know, it was kind of like chic, cool, comfortable it, you know, something, you could walk your daughter to preschool in, but also be working that day.

Erin (07:22):

And I was so flattered and I, I was like, yeah, okay. But it was just like this affirming moment of not only did I feel good in my own skin, but other people could see like, Hey, there’s a woman, you know, in her forties, that’s like calm. And she, and it was fun. It was a really fun affirmation. So that style makeover was sort of, it was, it really boosted my confidence and it gave me a heart and a vision to help other women in their, specifically in their forties as were going through all those midlife shifts. I was on the hormonal roller coaster. I was depleted after that point, that, that gave me a new burst of energy. Within the year I had lost all the extra weight I had started exercising, lost the weight. So somehow that boost like helped me shift some things.

Erin (08:12):

It also helped me shift some things in reinventing my career in a new, sort of a new way. And some years later, slowly I began to build up and I then added in the supplements, the meditation, you know, more consistent exercise. And I really kind of got out of that really hard stuck place. It, it took me a long time. It took me probably I’m gonna say like five years to figure it out. I was working with a naturopath and I know you help women with that. And it’s so good. It’s so needed. If only I had found you at that time, you know, I probably would’ve had it faster than five years, but ah,

Don’t wait to feel good about yourself

Michelle (08:51):

Well, what I loved about your story was that you didn’t wait five years. You didn’t wait until you lost the weight. You didn’t wait until, cause sometimes we put a timeline on it. I won’t feel comfortable. I won’t feel happy. I won’t feel good about myself or have any confidence until XYZ happens. But you’re right. When there’s a photo shoot scheduled, you kind of, or maybe it’s, you know, a wedding, a wedding, yes. Something like that. A it’s

Erin (09:14):

Opinion, you know, something, a trip. Yeah. There’s something that you’re just like, Ugh, I don’t have time to lose the weight, but I wanna feel good. I wanna PR you know, feel good in my own skin and feel more confident. Yeah.

Michelle (09:26):

So this really puts a fine point on this idea that I’ve been thinking a lot about, which is the, the push and pull between mean body acceptance and loving ourselves the way we are. And also the idea that our bodies are amazing and they can change. And we can make decisions about how we want to look, whether it’s the color of our hair or the kind of makeup that we put on or don’t put on or how much we gain or lose weight. Right. It’s all like up to us. So, uh, or in many cases, it’s up to us, but I, I like that there was space for you to do both, to both accept where you were and feel phenomenal in the skin that you were in and on a, on a larger journey or longer arc there at the end, get to another place where you feel really remarkable in, in your own skin.

Michelle (10:19):

So I just, yeah. I wanted to pose that question to you anyway, like when someone comes to you, let’s say one of your clients comes to you and they’re like, Erin, I just, I don’t wanna wear these jeans or I don’t wanna wear any dresses. I just feel like, Ugh, this is not how I wanna look right now. Is it like, well, let’s work towards you fitting into that dress or is it like let’s work on accepting where we are today and making it really beautiful, right. Where we at, right where we’re at right now.

Erin (10:47):

Yeah. I definitely encourage women to accept their body as it is now. And I honor that, you know, people have goals, they wanna be healthier or they wanna, you know, lose the extra weight and I’m cheering you on if that’s your goal. But I really encourage women not to let that hold them back from investing in their style and in feeling good right now. So yeah, I, I definitely don’t say, oh, come back to me when you’re 10 20 pat 30 pound, you know, I do not say that. I say, don’t wait for me. Like when I embrace myself, as I was, that was a real shift. And I see that a lot of time, not just me, but with other clients. And you can always have clothing tailored later, if you buy a great jacket and then you lose 20 pounds, 30 pounds, you know, there’s ways to tailor it.

Dress for the life you want

Erin (11:37):

So I, the way I start with my clients is pretty foundational. Like I start with some mindset stuff and I have them do a vision board. What do you want your life to look like in five years? So, you know, let’s, what do you want to attract into your life? Because your style and your image, there’s three big ways that it can really transform your life. Number one, like I’ve just described, it can change the way you feel about yourself. And that’s the most important, right? How you feel just when you look in the mirror, you just wanna see like a visual. I like to say visual harmony, you know, it’s harmonious, it’s balanced it. It’s authentic to your personality and your goals and the impacts you wanna make. So number one, it changes how you feel about yourself. Number two, it changes how others perceive you.

Erin (12:30):

Our image is telling a story like a it or not. Yep. People judge you by the cover. I mean, you know, they look at you and, and a judgment is made. So what story is that? And number three, it can change the kinds of opportunities and connections that you attract. So it’s kind of like law of attraction in a certain way, but it, with a little shift on that, it’s about your style. What is your style and your image going to help you attract? Because if somebody sees you and you look like this creative, confident, artistic person, and they’re drawn to you, and you’re confident, you know, you have this confidence in your own skin, they might be drawn to you and say, Hey, you’re a person I want to connect with. Tell me about yourself. Versus if you’re kind of like, like dressing to hide and to kind of blend in and you feel, you know, like, Ooh, I’m just always gonna wear black because it makes me look thinner and you’re sort of receding into the background.

Erin (13:25):

So I help my clients start by saying, what do you want to attract into your life? So we create a vision board. We ask the question, how do you wanna be perceived? So, number one, how do you wanna feel, number two, how do you wanna be perceived those two things? And then I take my clients through this fascinating heart process of identifying style archetype. And that is discovering what you love visually, what you’re attracted to visually and how we bring that into your style. So it’s really authentic and it feels good. Ooh. So we do ask

The difference between style and fashion

Michelle (14:01):

About that, but when you were talking, I thought, oh goodness, what, maybe you can define this for us or how maybe explain how you would differentiate the difference between style, which I hear you saying is, you know, it’s different forever. Everyone depends how you wanna be perceived and what you want to attract the difference between style and fashion. Because I think maybe, you know, for some of us, we think, oh, well, you know, for example, I don’t want hair extensions or, you know, I don’t wanna color my hair or I don’t wanna have to be fancy all the time or, you know, something like that. But, but there’s a differe, right? Like style doesn’t necessarily mean like high fashion or fashion magazines or looking like the Vogue model. So how would you describe the difference?

Erin (14:45):

Absolutely. It depends on your lifestyle. So fashion is like, what are the trends and different designers and labels, you know, fashion is just all the different things out there that you could choose identifying your own style and your own unique. What we call your style archetype is really about who you are and your lifestyle and your goals. What kind of impact do you wanna make? So if you have have a highly casual lifestyle, we don’t wanna dress you up in a bunch of fancy stuff. If comfort is really important to you, we wanna make sure that your wardrobe reflects that if you are, have a passion for sustainable clothing and you know, we want to incorporate that into your style. So having authentic style is a, is a really a big value for me. And I teach my clients that it it’s gotta be authentic to you, but if you dress casual, let’s help you dress casual in a way that’s really balances your body type and the colors that flatter you and make you look vibrant.

Erin (15:47):

If you wanna look more youthful, there’s lots of techniques for that, which that brings up an interesting topic because their ageism is a real issue. Ha it has been an issue in our culture. So a lot of women do wanna appear more youthful than they are. I don’t, I don’t think that’s, I mean, yeah, it just kind of is right. It is. Ageism is a thing. So looking a little bit more younger and can be an advantage, depending on your goals. Particularly my career women that are working in companies with a lot of younger people and they need to look fresh and relevant, more youthful they’ll wanna use those techniques for youthfulness. Other women completely embrace that they’re in their fifties, sixties, even 70, whatever, whatever age they are and their lifestyle doesn’t have any need for them to try to appear more youthful. They just wanna dress their authentic style and feel good about it.

Michelle (16:42):

Well, I would also imagine that, I mean, youthful, what does youthful mean? Youthful might mean that I cover the gray in my hair, but youthful also means like a certain energy that I, that I bring with me to a room. Right. So that’s right. I could be wearing the, I don’t even know what would imply that I was an older woman type of outfit, but if it makes me feel good, I’m comfortable. I’m not like worried about sucking in my stomach or like, you know, looking at myself and, you know, pulling at my clothes. Right. I just feel like good in my own skin. I think there is a youthfulness in that at any age, you know,

Erin (17:13):

Almost maybe a better word is vibrance, you know, just like a vibrancy. Yeah. And yeah, I love this movement of just embracing your gray and silver hair, which by the way, yours is beautiful. And yeah, I, I think that’s a nice way to put it like a vibrancy and people just don’t wanna look. Women just typically don’t wanna look tired and dull. And as our colors change, you know, we don’t, we just don’t really wanna look five or 10 years older. And there are a lot of really great techniques that are, don’t take a lot of time. It’s just a matter of knowing what to do and how to do it, that that can help you be vibrant and look really fresh and awake

5 tips for vibrancy at any age

Michelle (17:55):

And okay. Help. We’re gonna wanna talk about those. I mean, I always tell my clients that if you really focus on just a few key elements of your diet, you can have more energy. You can feel that vibrant and see in the matter of days, right? Like there are ways to do that from the inside out. And now imagining coupling that with some of these tips that you can give us today and you could feel like a brand new woman by next week, so please lay it on us. What do we wanna look for? We’re looking in the mirror, we’re going, uh, and, and what makes all the difference.

Erin (18:29):

Okay, here we go. And, and I’ll tell you, I’m gonna get, I wanna give you all a free resource that will show you visuals and kind of show you how to do the things that I’m saying today. So you’ll have more of a reference, but yeah, I call it like my top five. Here’s some things you can do to get a quick win that I will tell every client number is you probably need to reevaluate your makeup techniques. What worked 5, 10, 15, 20 years ago is probably not working. Now, your hair has changed your, your, your skin has changed your coloring. So you need to kind of reevaluate some makeup techniques. As we age there’s gravity, that kind of pulls everything down you. So I, when I work with, as a style coach with women, I help them head to toe. So hair, makeup, and wardrobe, because it all works together to create that image.

1. Define your brows

Erin (19:20):

So there’s a few makeup techniques that will make a big difference. And that is well, one of them is defining your brows, really nice Slee and cleanly. Some women don’t think about it at all. Some women think about it and they kind of attempt it, but it still doesn’t like if they were to just objectively, look at it in a picture, it’s just not very, so your brows can really give your face like this Polish and define your eyes and lift. Like when you lift the bridge, it can give you like this lifted appearance. So brows is one big trick. And by the way, you have very nice brows.

Michelle (19:57):

Oh my God, I’m standing here, please. Let’s not look, look at my

Erin (19:59):

Brows, please, please, please. So you’re actually a great, a great example. Your brows are very nicely groomed and defined and they frame your big, beautiful eyes. So there’s some techniques with that. Believe it or not, brows goes a long way on your face. Okay? If they’re too thick, not good, feels heavy, weighs your eyes down. If they’re too thin, you know, you could fill ’em in a lot of women our age, they just like, they’re half gone. Like my brows are half gone, but you wouldn’t know it because I fill them in. I get, I actually get brows tattooed, which is an amazing time saver I’ve heard. But yeah. So as we age, right, that’s our browser kind of, and women will say, I don’t even have, you know, brows from here to here. It’s like, that’s right. You either draw ’em in or you get ’em tattooed or microbladed. And that will give you a more youthful, vibrant appearance. If you want that

Michelle (20:50):

Interestings. I would never even like, think about it. I, I, I don’t really think about my eyebrows, but

Erin (20:55):

That’s right. So there’s things that happen when we age. And if we don’t sort of supplement that in our bodies or with our appearance, we show our age, we feel our age. We feel older. We show our age, we look older. So a lot of these techniques is kind of like restoring the appearance of youthfulness or the feeling of being younger. So it’s kind of the same with style. Isn’t that fascinating?

Michelle (21:21):

I mean, just your eyebrows. And I mean, there are things to be said, just help wise about, you know, as your eyebrows start to recede and thin, but yes, that’s an indicator of, of your vibrancy. So that makes a lot of sense to me. Okay.

2. Find a good undereye concealer

Erin (21:33):

Love that. Okay. So that’s one, another one. If you’re not already wearing under eye concealer from about the time you’re 30, unless you’re gifted with the most non, you know, you don’t have shadows under your eyes, but usually as we age those dark shadows, our skin gets thinner. And honestly, if you go out without under eye concealer, you’re just gonna end up looking older and tired. And it’s not just under eye. The skin around our eyes gets really kind of pink and red. A lot of the times as we age or purpleish like, it just gets thinner. So if you, you watch a movie and somebody’s playing a sick character, they will add like pink and red around the eyes. They will add shadows. Well, sadly as we age, like if we don’t add any of that makeup on and we walk out, we’re gonna end up looking tired and sick, you know?

3. Learn a couple hair styling techniques

Erin (22:26):

So that’s another one, some makeup techniques let’s see, what’s another one. Oh, another big one is the desire that, that we’re still in the hair and makeup section. We haven’t gotten to the style, the desire that a lot of women have to wash and wear their hair to just like, keep it simple. Like we’re tired of doing our hair. We just wanna wash and wear. But I tell my clients, you’re gonna have to choose you either. Wanna look polished and relevant and beautiful, or you you’re gonna have a wash and wear hairstyle because if you just let it air dry and walk out the house, most likely it’s gonna look kind of sloppy unless you’re like in the 5% of people whose hair dry is like perfectly straight and you have a cute little Bob or something, you know,

Michelle (23:05):

This is not me. Not me.

4. Tailor your clothes

Erin (23:07):

No, no, you’ve gotta take the time to style it. And that means you have to learn some new styling techniques. I know. I know. And then for clothing, when you get into style, it’s really having your clothes fit you correctly is helps you because if they’re too tight, it just doesn’t look very polished. And it makes you look like you’re heavier than you are. If they’re too loose, maybe you’ve recently lost weight. You’re not feeling well. So, you know, there’s finding a good tailor to have your clothes altered. Doesn’t have to cost a lot or take a lot of time. But having clothes fit is a really big thing with style.

Michelle (23:43):

That is a huge one. And I work with a lot of women who will say, you know, I have 10,000 bags and pairs of shoes because bags and shoes always fit, but they hate all the clothes in their closet because nothing ever really seems to fit. And our bodies don’t necessarily change according to, you know, exactly the way the size charts go up and down. So I think that that does make a huge difference to actually having that’s right. Tailored to you, to you. Yes,

5. Know your proportions

Erin (24:10):

That’s right. And cuz off the rack, you know, they’re designed for to fit like everybody, you know, so it’s like designed for the rectangle silhouette, which is more like this, but women were curved. So you often have to like take it in, get in under the Baso give, give yourself a little definition, take it in at the waist, don’t have the shirt, hang to your thighs because then when you look at the outfit, there’s a proportion issue where you, your torso looks about half of you and your legs look about half of you. And the one to one proportion in outfits is boring and it makes you look like you have short lakes. So the proportion technique, you want your top to be one in your bottom to be two like one parts to two parts or two to three. So anyways, I teach that as well. And you you’d be amazed like when you see the before and afters, if they go to my Instagram, I gave an example of that when the proportions it’s

Michelle (25:08):

Called, I was looking at that, is this

Erin (25:09):

One, the golden ratio. Yeah.

Michelle (25:11):

Yeah. I thought that was really interesting. Is that one of the five tips or is that a bonus for us? Yes,

Erin (25:16):

It is. It is one of the five tips. So yeah, those are a few things that can make a big difference. So getting your clothes fitted and so many women I talk to are resistant to the idea of a tailor or alterations. They just feel like they should buy it off the rack and it doesn’t fit. Right. But they settle. They end up spending hours and hours and hours shopping to find that thing or the pants or whatever that fits off the rack or when they could literally find something that almost fits and be done shopping and take it to their tailor. And within a half an hour, it’s pinned up. It’s gonna get done. They pick it up a few days later. Boom. So it ends up saving lots of time to find a good local tailor. And you don’t have to shop trying to find things off the rack

Michelle (26:06):

That fits I’m here, you loud. And clearly, because I was just, I was just saying the other day, you know what? I feel like I’m past the point of my life, where I want to buy a hundred pairs of jeans and hate them all. You know? And I also feel like now that I’ve gone through my pregnancies, I’m done with that phase of life where my body is constantly changing in and out in and out. Okay, I’m ready. Like I’m going to go find like the pair of jeans, but that’s what it was going to be in my head. I was going to go find the pair of jeans that magically fit me. But maybe that’s not it at all. I should just go get ones that are pretty good. Yeah. And make them fit me.

Erin (26:41):

I’ll I’ll give you a tip on that. I’ll give, because this is a really common issue. A lot of times the genes will to fit your thighs or your rear because we’re more curvy in our thighs in our rear. Oftentimes if you have a little bit of a waist, you have to go a little bigger and then the waist is too big. So get the gene and invest in ice pair of jeans. That’s a good investment piece. You know, you can save money on other things, but invest in a good pair of jeans and your good basics, but then just get the waste taken in. Yeah. And that’s an easy fix. So fit the jeans to your rear and, and your thighs. And obviously the length has to be long enough if it’s too no problem. That’s an easy tailor. That’s an easy alteration. So you can have the length tailored and you can have the waste tailored and you know what? You can find great designer jeans at thrift stores too. So if money’s an issue, go to consignment, I have found, I absolutely love shopping consignment. I do new, I do consignment, but I on some of my greatest pieces at consignment and then just have them tailor to fit just right.

Michelle (27:49):

That is gonna save me a lot of time right there. Because I, I think when we consider upgrading our style and, and same with upgrading our diets and just how we’re living, we think, oh, it’s gonna take so much time, but that’s a great example of a technique that will make a world of difference and actually less time. So thank you. Of

Rethinking your closet

Erin (28:06):

Course, that one. And you know, on that note, when I work with my clients and my style coaching program, a lot of times what they don’t realize is they probably have a lot of things in their closet that do work and can work. They just, haven’t known how to put it together in a way that’s flattering for their body. So, so I’m gonna teach you, you know, proportions, try checking the shirt, try doing a longer jacket. You know, I just teach these things and then get those pants tailored. They’ll be perfect. You’re set. You don’t need to go buy something new. So yeah, knowing some of these style techniques ends up saving you lots of time and money,

Michelle (28:43):

You know, as a woman like running my own business and, and single hand, you know, I’m a single mom with my kids and sometimes it feels like, Ugh, the last thing I have to worry about is what I look like. But on the other hand recently, um, one of my girlfriends started playing with eye makeup. She really got into it over quarantine, watching all the YouTube videos and she, oh, I wanna come over and do your eye makeup. And on one hand, I’m like, that’s silly. And on another hand, it’s like, this is the most fun I’ve had in a long time. And it makes you feel like almost like a teenager again with your first 17 magazine, you know, trying new things out. Cause that was probably the last time that many of us paid that kind of attention to what we were wearing and now, well, of all, for the most part, we have a lot more disposable income than we did when we were reading 17 magazines. You know, you can actually go, yeah, I am gonna buy that. Or I think I will get that color eyeliner instead or whatever, you know? So I, I love this idea of revisiting. I love that the youthfulness of how we look, but also the youthfulness of how we feel. Cause it just, it’s fun. It’s fun that anybody can have, you don’t have to go on a vacation or something to have fun. Yeah. We can play our wardrobe.

Erin (29:54):

I love that you did that. It is so fabulous. I commend you for just, you know, getting in there and playing and having. And I mean, there were times when I was at my, you know, in my really low years where I felt terrible on the inside, you know, depression, I just was so low, but I would get myself into that bathroom. I would put the makeup on cuz I know I have the skills, right. I’d put it on, get myself together, get dressed in a way. And then I would decide go out into the world. And when you go, go out into the world, well, number one, you feel better about how you look when you put yourself together, but then you kind of a, are able to put this energy out that that then attracts people and brings back like good energy. So the same is kind of true with like, you know, makeup takes a little time, but you, you try it out, you gain some new skills, you go out in the world and you end up getting back this energy, this positive energy. So I think it’s a fun sort of just one of the skills you can use in life to lift yourself, to, you know, to bring yourself up. And,

Michelle (30:57):

And that’s not nothing because I mean, a lot of, as you mentioned in the beginning, a lot of the ways that we try to make ourselves feel better, comfort ourselves, have some, our escapes

Erin (31:06):


Michelle (31:07):

Yeah. Their escapes. And they are, you know, sabotaging ourselves really in the long run. That’s right. Whereas you know, have playing with clothes in your closet, it’s accessible. It’s just there. It’s accessible to anyone and there’s really no downside.

Small steps to big style

Erin (31:21):

Well, you know, you mentioned that, you know, you’re busy, you’re running your business. You’re a single mom. And I think that’s a, a conflict that a lot of people face we’re so busy. We just don’t have the time. Like when do I have the time to go shopping and to work on my style and to put together outfits, right? It’s such a challenge. And I recognize this because I’m right there. So what I created with my online style coaching program is it’s online. So I work with women all over the world and I just give them, it’s a seven step path, but I just allow you to, you know, people will say, I’m gonna do this because it’s, it’s investing in myself, but just a little bit at a time. So you can fit it into that busy schedule, you know, just take an hour a week, you know, just learn a little something, practice applying it with the exercises. And then I help. It’s very linear. So I’m helping you build your foundation right from what’s your vision to creating your impact outfits and for different occasions. You know? So I think that if you can just take a little time here and there, but be intentional about it to build this into your life, the results you’re gonna get is that you’re gonna feel better. You’re gonna look better. You’re gonna go out into the world with more confidence and boldness than you had before and just

Michelle (32:40):

Feel you don’t have to wait. You don’t have to wait at all. No,

Erin (32:43):

Don’t wait.

Michelle (32:44):

And we can all feel this way so much faster, I think, than we think is possible. These are, this is a wonderful motivation even to just make one small change, right? Everyone’s gonna look at their eyebrows. I’m gonna look at my eyebrows a little bit differently tomorrow and just go, Hmm. What if I just did like this? I love, I love the energy that you bring to this and, and the fact that you have something that’s affordable and online for everyone, I think is really interesting. So we’ll put a link in our show notes for that, that she’s got power.com/podcast. And we can also put a link to your free guide. Didn’t you just tell us a little bit more about that and is there a URL? Our readers can go, uh, our listeners can go.

Erin (33:21):

Yes, it is the style. I believe it’s the style core.com/freebie. Okay. So the style C O R e.com/freebie and put it, yeah. Link it in the notes. I’m pretty sure that’s what it is. I should have noted my heart, but it’s the top five tips to up level. Your look, it’s a great resource and I will have as well. Another resource of you can watch my million dollar look masterclass and that again just goes a little bit deeper. So there’s some resources for you to just dig in right away and start, you know, trying things out and see how you like it.

Michelle (34:01):

Oh, Erin, this has been so much fun talking about these things. I feel a little bit inspired to go dig things outta my closet. Thanks for joining us today.

Erin (34:10):

You know, thanks for having me. It’s been my pleasure. I hope this has been encouraging to people.

Michelle (34:30):

So maybe you’re in a rut like Erin was maybe, you know, you can’t change your health, your body overnight. Go on, take some of this style advice. I think I actually might really like hair extensions. Although my hair has gotten very long lately, but I’m definitely going to get my jeans tailored. That sounds really smart. And at the same time, let’s help your body feel better. My she’s got power signature system is available for the first time to anyone, not just my private at clients. You’re gonna find yourself with steady energy, better sleep, quality, less bloating. Yeah. Fewer symptoms associated with stress and burnout it’s available now at she’s got power.com/system might still be able to grab the early price and we’re gonna kick off together later this March. I hope to see you there. It’s gonna be fun.