#82: What Walking Can Do For a Busy, Stressed Body

What Walking Can Do For a Busy, Stressed Body

When you’re busy and stressed you may find that healthy habits fall by the wayside. But if there’s just ONE thing you can do for yourself…take a walk. It almost sounds too simple! But humans are meant to be moving most of the day. Here’s how you can fit more steps into your life, and the benefits of even moderate to slow movement.

You’ll hear about:

  • [02:35] The one thing that can help your body when you’re really indulging (hello, holiday season)
  • [07:00] How walking helps regulate weight and stress-related symptoms like constipation
  • [08:32] How a treadmill under your desk can help you get regular walking in. Make sure you go outside, though, and get some fresh air too

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What Walking Can Do For a Busy, Stressed Body

Pumpkin cheesecake. Mmmmmm. That’s what I’m most excited about this Thanksgiving.

That, and spending time with my kids. It’s that time of year when we enjoy eating delicious food and sharing wonderful times with our favorite people. 


It’s easy for healthy habits to fall by the wayside this time of year. 

Every year from Halloween to New Years, our bodies take the brunt of our holiday celebrations.

My sleep gets interrupted and my energy levels tank. My clients complain of aches and pains, digestion trouble… the works.

But the last time that I was totally indulgent, I didn’t feel lousy — and ONE thing made all the difference. 

Despite what I was eating and drinking, I felt strong. I felt lean. 

And it was so darn simple: I walked. A ton.

Walking feels GOOD

Last August, I went to Barcelona—  a foodie paradise. I tasted flavors I’d never tasted before. 

Smoked goat cheese sorbet with tomato? OMG. Tapas and wine and cheese and more wine….it was extravagant.

My boyfriend and I walked everywhere. We were doing 20,000 steps a day.

Now, I exercise regularly. I do yoga, I lift weights, I take fitness classes— but I had never walked so much in my life.

And despite the manchego cheese and jamón and sangria and bread…

I felt amazing. I wasn’t bloated. My legs felt good. I was sleeping great. 

Who knew how much simple walking could make an impact?

Your body will thank you

When we got home, I felt so good that I wanted to keep it up.

I have a walking treadmill under my desk. I can easily walk for 2 or 3 hours a day. 

It’s super slow (we’re talking like one mile per hour!) I’m not clocking 20,000 steps, but I might get 6,000 or 8,000. 

But that’s a HUGE increase over just sitting there.

When I do that every day? I definitely notice a difference in how I feel. Holy moly.

My weight, which normally fluctuates a little, stays on the lower end. 

And if you tend towards constipation… this will be a miracle. Walking creates motion in your hips that aids the action of your digestive tract. You’ll notice bowel movements are easier and more regular— essential for good health. (And comfort.)

Make it easy to walk more

If you’re gonna walk consistently, you have to make it easy.

You can get an under-desk treadmill for a couple hundred bucks on Amazon. 

You’ll need something to raise your desk or elevate your computer, too. I have an adjustable desk that goes up and down with the push of a button— but it doesn’t have to be that fancy. You can just use a box!

Walking outside is even better— it’s free, and you get the benefits of movement AND nature time.

I live on a hill, so sometimes I’ll walk up and down while I’m on the phone. Or take a 20 minute break from work and go walk by the river. 

Figure out what works for YOUR life— and make it a regular thing.

There’s still room for indulgence

So during the holidays… will I eat enough vegetables? Eh, I’ll do my best.

I’m DEFINITELY going to eat that pumpkin cheesecake.

Will I get to sleep on time every night? Maybe, maybe not.

Will I do my morning weights and aerobic routine? Maybe. Maybe not.

But walking?

THAT, I can do. I don’t have to put on workout clothes or take a shower afterwards. It just fits into my work day. I pop on a pair of sneakers and start.

Focus on feeling good

We humans are MEANT to be walking…hunting, gathering, you know, moving— most of the day.

So when we can emulate that, even with our modern lifestyle— we feel way, way better.

And feeling good is what it’s all about! 

We’ve been conditioned to focus on what the scale says— but that’s NOT how I recommend keeping tabs on your health. 

How you feel is a much more important health indicator. I have a free tracking system you can use — access it at ShesGotPower.com/HowIFeel

I want you to try walking, very intentionally, to help you through the holidays this year. And see how you feel.

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