#37: Top 3 Supplements For Chronically Stressed Women

Listen and learn about the top 3 supplements I like for helping women who have been chronically stressed out and suffering with the consequences. I’ll help you choose a good product and we’ll talk a little bit about where to get your supplements.

#36: Upgrade Your Health Goals to Become More, Not Less

“Lose weight. Stress less. Curb cravings. Lower anxiety. Reduce bloating.” In this episode you’ll be challenged to be brave enough to stop trying to be LESS (even as we focus on our health) and aim to become… MORE.

#34: A Behind-the-Scenes Look: Going Gray, My Way

Women often feel hesitant (or downright terrified) of letting their silver strands show. From color options to grow-out techniques, this episode gives back your power to confront society’s expectations – and make choices for your health and happiness.

#33: How To Build Resilience Against Stress

2020 has been…a lot. And we’ve been resilient! But there’s a price our bodies pay for having to adapt to stress and challenges. In this episode you’ll learn how to build strength and be ready for whatever comes next.

#32: Single? Married? The Importance of Independence with Dr. Aviva Romm

Get ready to hear one of Michelle’s biggest mentors, Dr. Aviva Romm, talking about the physiological changes that take place in our bodies when we’re living happily on our own terms. The good news? You can be single, divorced, married or anywhere in between – and still have an “indie” mindset.

#28: 7 Reasons for Weight Gain Other Than Calories

Instead of seeing stubborn weight as a personal fault or sign of overindulgence, check out this episode to learn about 7 surprising reasons you may be holding onto weight (and what you can do about it.)