Bonus: The 5 Best Business Decisions I Made In 2018

Michelle gets personal in this episode, sharing exactly what she did in 2018 to make it the best year ever in her business. From how she outsources to how she sits (or doesn’t) at her desk…you’ll get tips to incorporate into your own profitable New Year.

#42: Setting & Achieving Big Goals

Sometimes health coaches dream big…but get overwhelmed and paralyzed. Or they set “goals” that are more like a “wish.” In this episode, Michelle discusses how to truly work on your goals and make them happen.

#41: Email Newsletters & How To Create ‘Em

Email newsletters can be DAUNTING! In this episode, Michelle shares: – Her formula for effective, interesting and simple emails. – Explains why the word “newsletter” should be tossed to the curb. – What name to use on Facebook. – How to make sure your group programs get lots of engagement. …and more!