#199: 3 Free & Affordable Ways to Get Help With Your Business

Michelle started the Health Coach Power Community Facebook group many years ago because she felt so lonely working alone as a health coach. The goal has always been to provide support and community. In this episode she shares 3 ways to get exactly that for free or minimal investment.

#198: How One Coach Increased Her Client Base by 700%

In this episode Michelle is joined by Claire Bartholic, a coach recently featured in the New York Times. She’s got 11.5k Instagram followers and a full roster of clients these days…but just a year ago was a different story. Maybe you’re just a year away from your dreams?

#197: Real Life Coaching Situations, Handled

In this episode Michelle tackles some real life coaching situations that have come up with our community members. From clients that don’t do the work to how to handle cancellations/rescheduling…she’s here to share 13 years of experience and make your life easier.

#196: Writing Skills for Health Coaches

Who knew becoming a health coach would require so much writing! From emails to social media posts to blogging to writing guest articles…copywriting is a skill that can be learned.

#195: How To Niche Down

Have you heard the advice to choose a specific target market but you can’t seem to niche down? In this episode Michelle shares useful ways to target your marketing and how, in very practical terms, to tap into a group of people that YOU are best suited to serve.

#193: How to Answer “What is a Health Coach?”

There’s no quicker way for your confidence to evaporate than stumbling over an explanation of health coaching. Especially when the person who asked could have TOTALLY become a client…if only you’d known what to say.

#192: Creating Your Coaching Package: How Long? How Much?

In designing your coaching package you want to consider what’s best for your clients and what’s best for your business. When it comes to length? Number of meetings? Price? Michelle shares a few different perspectives in this episode.