[Getting Started] Identifying Healing Opportunities with Reed Davis

Think it’s impossible to really help anyone as “just” a health coach? Think again! In this episode Michelle is joined by Reed Davis of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition to talk about a unique opportunity for health coaches to use lab test data to formulate natural protocols.

#142: Behind the Scenes of My Health Coaching Business

Although Michelle spends a good deal of time helping coaches build successful businesses…this episode is all about her own private health coaching practice that goes on behind the scenes. After all these years, YES she’s still actively working as a health coach!

#141: When & How To Invest In Your Business

In this episode Michelle shares how sometimes the investments she’s made in her business have REALLY paid off. Other times, not so much. So how do you know when it’s time to invest…and WHAT to invest in?

[Get Started Series] Creating a Referral-Based Practice with Jodi Franklin

In this episode Michelle explores an alternative to marketing yourself as a health coach – let your clients do it for you! She’s joined by Jodi Franklin to discuss what it takes to earn your clients’ referrals. If you’re starting out, or starting over, here’s another perspective on how to be successful in your career.

#140: Prioritizing Your First Steps

When you’re starting your health coaching business, what should you do first, second and third? Where should you put your (let’s face it, finite) energy and resources? In this episode, Michelle will help you prioritize those very first steps.

#139: Let’s Talk About Your Logo

Need a logo? You might be surprised to know Michelle used to be a graphic designer – so she fully understands the value of quality branding. But she also knows what it takes to succeed as a health coach.

[Get Started Series] Client Engagement For Better Outcomes with Nathalie Garcia

To be a great health coach you don’t need to know everything…but you do need to keep your clients engaged with the process. That’s what leads to results and referrals! In this episode, Michelle is joined by Nathalie Garcia, co-founder of Practice Better, about how to provide excellent service in the most efficient way possible.

#138: Under the Hood: Your Marketing Engine & How It Works

How does marketing actually work to generate clients? In this episode, Michelle pops open the hood so you can look at a marketing engine and see how all the different parts work together to create the desired effect of signing clients and earning income.