#136: Run a Facebook Group Without Spending Hours Online

Like the idea of marketing yourself through a Facebook group…but feel like you don’t have the time? Well, Michelle learned the hard way but it IS possible to be present with your groups in a way that’s manageable for a busy schedule.

#135: How Facebook Groups Exploded My Business To 6 Figures

In part 1 of this 3-part series, Michelle shares how Facebook groups have made a gigantic impact on her business. What started as “side income” has grown to support her family and she credits Facebook groups with being the most powerful tool used along the way.

#134: Lab Testing For Your Clients (And For You)

Clients having a hard time getting lab testing done? In this episode Michelle shares about an alternative way that your client, or you, or ANYONE, can empower themselves by ordering tests directly.

#133: 3 Kinds of Group Coaching Programs You Can Run

One aspect of succeeding financially as a health coach is reaching more people with less of your time. Private coaching is GREAT but you can only physically fit so many 1:1 sessions into your calendar. In this episode, Michelle describes the 3 main kinds of group coaching programs.

#132: How Running a “Cleanse” Changed My Business with Julia Sarver

When Michelle started her health coaching business she was doing a lot of different things with minor success. But the first thing that really STUCK was a cleanse program. In this episode, Julia Sarver shares her similar experience and how a simple cleanse-type program can change a business.

#131: My Biggest Business Lessons from 2020

Like all of you, I was blindsided last March when covid hit and the world seemed to turn upside down. I’d been steadily growing my business since 2009…but all of a sudden the game changed. In the end, my business became stronger than ever.

#130: Turning List Building Into Paying Clients

If you’ve ever wondered how to turn your list into paying clients – well, sometimes it happens RIGHT away. In this episode Michelle is joined by health coach and Healthy Profit University member Shawne Johnson, to talk about a recent list builder that resulted in several paying clients.

#129: Simple Ideas To Build Your List

If you’ve ever found it difficult to grow your list, this episode is for you. Michelle is joined by Healthy Profit University member, Kirsten McCarthy, to discuss her recent successful list building event. As you’ll see…it’s all about keeping it SIMPLE. 

#128: How One Coach Added 100 Names To Her Mailing List In 2 Weeks

One thing Michelle hears from health coaches alllllll the time is that they’ve TRIED growing their mailing list in the past but it just isn’t working. They feel like giving up. If that’s you, you’re not alone! In this episode, Michelle shares how one health coach found success with her list-building effort.