#52: Your Virtual Coaching Setup

Want to be a virtual health coach but not sure how that works? Michelle has been working virtually for a decade and in this episode she shares the pros, the cons and exactly what tools you need to make it happen.

#51: Facebook Marketing Do’s & Don’ts

How can you use Facebook to market your health coaching business? Do you really need a business page or can you use your personal profile? And what about Facebook groups?

#50: My First Business Coach

Have you considered getting some outside help with your health coaching business? In this episode, Michelle shares about her own journey and how she hired her first business coach many years ago.

#46: Blogging: How & Why I Do It

Want to start a blog? Or improve the one you have? In this episode, Michelle tackles the question of whether you should start a blog – and if so, how to make sure it actually benefits your business’ bottom line!

#45: Sign More Clients With Webinars

Have you ever considered selling your products/services on a live webinar? In this episode Michelle talks about when the right time is to run a webinar and how to make them most effective.

#44: How To Stop Putting the Cart Before the Horse

If a project or a venture is not flowing in your business…it likely means that in some way you’ve put the cart before the horse. That’s why you’re not getting anywhere! In this episode Michelle shares how to “back out” of your stuck places and achieve your goals.