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Right now, in this very moment, there are opportunities for you to get started. Click the play button below to hear my personal story of becoming a health coach. I'll help point you in the direction of your dreams even before you decide on a school and explain different education levels and available job opportunities across the field of nutrition.


Assess yourself

Should you go to school to become a health coach or not? This easy worksheet will help you make the decision that's right for you.

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Take advantage

Finally, I have some special bonuses you can grab if you decide to enroll – plus, scholarship opportunities for the Institute for Integrative Nutrition or Primal Health Coach Institute.

$1000 scholarship:
Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Click the button below to take a sample class. Be sure to mention my name (Michelle Leotta) when you enroll for your $1000 scholarship.


$500 scholarship:
Primal Health Coach Institute

Use the button below to learn more about PHCI. And be sure to mention my name (Michelle Leotta) when you enroll for your $500 scholarship.

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Enroll at either school and you'll also be eligible for complimentary membership to my business-building Healthy Profit University Starter Kit ($299 value.) I want to see you succeed!

Questions? I've been in your shoes and I'm happy to help.

You can email me: michelle@healthcoachpower.com
Or, send me a text: 917-540-8927