How To Become a Health Coach

You love geeking out about health and wellness, right? Me too.

Maybe you've experienced the healing power of food and lifestyle changes in your own life. And now you want to do work you love…work you believe in…work that really makes a difference in the world.

I know. I remember that feeling of wanting to bust the heck out of my office cubicle and do something that mattered. My old career was suffocating.

But if you’re like me, you don’t have a degree in nutrition (or any kind of science for that matter.) 

Personally, I didn’t have the time or money to start my education all over. And I’d never owned a business before or done anything outside the “norm.”

I was stuck. It felt 100% impossible.

But, turns out, there is a way to get from here to there.

In this free mini-course, How To Become A Health Coach, you’ll see exactly how to make a career shift like I did.

I’ll show you the steps I took to create a career and lifestyle that (still!) make me excited to get out of bed in the morning.

It started small. Low risk. And as momentum built…well, here I am today. It could just as easily be you.

This resource is intended for those who have NOT yet enrolled in a health coaching school or certification program.

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Here’s what’s inside:



Get the scoop

Right now, in this very moment, there are opportunities for you to get started. I’ll share my personal story of becoming a health coach and help point you in the direction of your dreams even before you decide on a school. Listen and learn about different education levels and available job opportunities across the field of nutrition.



Assess yourself

Should you go to school to become a health coach or not? This easy worksheet will help you make the decision that's right for you.



Take advantage

Finally, I have some special bonuses you can grab if you decide to enroll – plus, scholarship opportunities for the Institute for Integrative Nutrition or Primal Health Coach Institute.

Hey, listen. What you do for 40+ hours per week makes a huge difference in your health and quality of life. Take this one step and feel what it might be like to follow your passion.

This resource is intended for those who have NOT yet enrolled in a health coaching school or certification program.