#27: Is Your Target Market Narrow Enough?

Are you struggling to define your target market? In this episode Michelle explains how to make your marketing more effective by narrowing down your niche, what types of freebies work best to grow your mailing list and more!

#26: The 3-Step Business Plan

Has anyone ever told you that you need a business plan? The idea can be terrifying but in this episode, Michelle shares 3 simple steps to a business plan appropriate for health coaches and much more.

#25: How To Launch Your Health Coaching Business

Launching a shiny new health coaching business can be truly intimidating and prevent you from doing…anything! In this episode, you’ll learn how to start your business organically, without overwhelm and much more.

#24: Handling Pricing Objections Like a Pro

Are you worried that your prices are too high? In this episode, you’ll learn why your target market has everything to do with your pricing, how to not take it personally when a potential clients says you’re too expensive and more.

#23: Best Passive Income For Health Coaches

Have you heard about the idea of passive income but don’t know where to begin? In today’s show, you’ll learn all about the passive income benefits of affiliate marketing, how to get started and more!

#22: Should You Coach Friends & Family?

Have you ever worked with a friend or family member as a client? In this episode Michelle talks about the pros and cons of working with family and friends and much more!

#21: Creating Your Signature Program

Are you interested in creating an official, signature program for your health coaching business? In this episode, Michelle shares her process for creating a signature program & more.

#19: Schedule Your Time Like a Boss

Having a hard time doing it all? An entrepreneur’s list of tasks is no joke and in this episode Michelle shares how she manages her calendar, how to make your business work with part time hours and more!