#17: Is Your Opt-In Working?

Do you have an opt-in or freebie on your website – something you give away in exchange for an email address? In this episode, Michelle explains how to determine if your opt-in is actually working for you and much more!

#16: Best Continuing Education Courses For Health Coaches

Have you considered doing trainings beyond your health coach certification? There are so many resources available! In this episode Michelle talks about what’s worthwhile and what’s not, at different points of your career.

#15: How To Structure a Group Program

Want to run a group program but aren’t sure how to structure it? In this episode Michelle offers her advice AND free group coaching outlines that you can download right here.

#14: The Myth of Email Newsletters

Want to make your emails more effective and less time consuming? Then take Michelle’s advice as she dispels the myth around what a “newsletter” should be.

#12: Health Fairs & Festivals

Have you ever considered having or a table/booth at a health fair, festival or farmers market? In this episode Michelle shares what works at these events, what doesn’t and much more!

#10: Nailing Your Target Market

Does the idea of choosing a target market make you want to run screaming in the opposite direction? In this episode Michelle shares her story of finding her perfect target market and will lead you through an exercise to determine your own.

#9: What I Wish I’d Known: Starting Out As a Health Coach

Curious what Michelle’s first 2 years of business were like? In this episode she shares all the gory details! Michelle also gives advice for working with a client who is addicted to sugar and how to increase opt-in’s from your free content.

#8: Partnering With Gyms & Yoga Studios

Have you ever thought about partnering with a gym or yoga studio to help grow your health coaching business? In this episode, Michelle shares exactly how she got herself off the ground by leveraging relationships with local workout spots and much more.