#123: Getting Over the Fear of Putting Yourself Out There

Feeling the fear? There’s no faster way to squash your business-building efforts than having that nagging feeling inside that says, “You’re not good enough.” If you’ve been worried what people will think of you if you put yourself out there, this is the episode you’ve been waiting for.

#122: When It Just Doesn’t Seem To Be Working

It seems like no matter what you do with your business, it’s just not working. You need more clients, you need to build your mailing list, but it’s just…crickets. So, how can you shift out of neutral and start moving forward?

#121: Working Alone (Without Feeling Lonely or Losing Focus)

Long before COVID, health coaches were working alone, from home. And (for the most part) don’t even have remote coworkers or teams! If you’re struggling with productivity, loneliness or itching for water cooler talk…this episode is for you.

#120: Structuring Your Program

We’ve had lots of questions lately around the structure of your program – how long, how many tiers, what to cover in each session, etc. Michelle answers your questions by taking a 100,000 foot view in this episode.

#119: Answering Your Biggest Webinar Questions

During this series about succeeding in an online, quarantine world, many of you have been asking questions related to webinars. In this episode, Michelle explains the basics…and some not-so-basics!

#115: How I Took My Health Coaching Business Online

This episode kicks off a special series all about succeeding in an online, quarantine world. To start off, Michelle shares a personal story about how her health coaching practice went from in-person to 100% online-based many years ago.