#219: What Do Health Coaches Charge?

Asking for money can be tough…especially if you have no idea what health coaches are charging across the board. Join Michelle to hear what’s common in the industry and what she’s charged in her own health coaching practice over the last 13 years. 

#218: How To Find Health Coaching Clients

If only clients would fall from the sky! Instead, Michelle uses this episode to walk you through the client-generation process…backwards. You’ll see how the obvious “I don’t have enough clients” thought can be backtracked into specific actions you need to take.

#217: How To Grow Your Audience Without Using Facebook

Shoutout to Jennifer S. for asking THIS important question all health coaches should hear: “I don’t have a website yet – so without a Facebook page, how else do I collect emails/grow my audience?” The answer is super juicy, so listen in! 

#216: 4 Ways to Sell an Online Course

Don’t have a website? Don’t know how to make a sales page? Surprise! You don’t need either to sell an online course in your health coaching business. In this episode Michelle shares how – and it’s easier than you think.

#215: Which Platform is Best For Your Online Course?

OMG there are so many choices! Michelle breaks it down in this episode so you know which platform you need for your online course. How’s that for a time-saver? And (spoiler alert) sometimes the best options are free to use.

#213: The Backstory: How I Got Where I Am Today

Michelle didn’t go from brand new health coach to running a multi-6-figure business overnight. Oh, heck no! In this episode she shares her backstory and helps you see a path for yourself.

#212: Using Done-For-You Content with Jamie Jones

There’s a ton of done-for-you content available for health coaches. So, should you use it, plug-and-play style? Or commit to writing every word from scratch? Your voice and brand are important in setting you apart in a crowded health and wellness space, so listen and hear what Michelle has to say about it!

#211: New To Coaching? Avoid These Common Mistakes

Health Coach Power Episode 211

If we had a nickel for every time a new health coach went down a rabbit hole and wasted weeks of time and energy on something *that wasn’t even necessary*…well, we’d have a lot of nickels. Listen to hear about the most common mistakes new coaches make.

#210: My First 3 Clients (and How To Find Yours)

Join Michelle as she shares about 3 of her very first health coaching clients – how she found them, what their programs looked like and the results they got. It was kind of rocky in the beginning, you’ll see!