Creating Kick-Butt Healthy Recipes Professional Training Program

Creating Kick Butt Healthy Recipes

There are tons of recipes out there, right? So how do you get yours to stand out? How do you impress, excite, inspire and get people cooking healthy, real food again and again?

I’ve been food blogging since 2006 and working as a certified health coach since 2009 – and there’s always more to learn about creating kick-butt recipes. I’m always improving what I offer my clients! Plus, joining me for this training are some super exciting, best-selling cookbook authors and real food chefs I KNOW you’ve heard of and love!

with best selling authors

Don’t miss your chance to learn from:

Andrea Beaman – author of The Whole Truth and Health is Wealth
Terry Walters – author of Clean Food and Clean Start
Diane Sanfilippo – author of Practical Paleo
Meghan Telpner – author of UnDiet
Jessica Porter – author of The Hip Chick’s Guide to Macrobiotics and The MILF Diet
Ricki Heller – author of Naturally Sweet & Gluten-Free Allergy Friendly Vegan Desserts

Many of our panelists offer individual coaching and business consulting…and you could work with them each individually for mucho $$$…or, you can get their best tips and most helpful insights right now!

Here’s the scoop on the training

This is a self-guided program to help you get creative in the kitchen and write flawless, attention-getting recipes.

Primarily for health coaches and other wellness professionals, this program is also inspiring for food bloggers and other healthy food enthusiasts or home cooks.

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Think you don’t have any recipes to call your own?
Think again.

In this training, you’ll learn from the pros:
– What makes a recipe “Kick Butt” or fall flat
– How to gain confidence in the kitchen
– Ways to stimulate and harness your creativity
– Different recipe development and testing methods
– How to edit and perfect your written recipes
– Why the title of your recipe is the most important aspect
– What makes a recipe uniquely “yours”
– Simple food photography ideas
– How to market your recipes to increase your business or blog traffic

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Remember, for health coaches and other wellness professionals, this may be a tax-deductible business expense. Grow and earn more while having fun! (It’s the best job, ever.)