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Michelle Leotta (Pfennighaus) has been seen on:


NPR's On Point with Tom Ashbrook
Life After Layoffs

How To Get a Grip Podcast
Michelle Pfennighaus — Health, Hair and Happiness

Healthy Curiosity Podcast
How to Heal from Burnout by Partnering with Your Body

The Productive Woman Podcast
Ruthless Prioritization with Michelle Pfennighaus

Cut The Crap & Keep it Real Podcast
Adrenal Fatigue with Michelle Pfennighaus

Studio 78 Podcast
How To Heal Yourself With Diet & Lifestyle Changes

Wellpreneur Podcast
Get Started as a Health Coach with Michelle Pfennighaus

Build a Badass Business with Diane Sanfillipo
Find Your Balance with Michelle Pfennighaus

Wellness Warriors Radio
Find Your Balance with Michelle Pfennighaus


A documentary about reinvention

CBS News
Film Redefines Layoffs

ABC News
From Laid-Off to Lemonade

NECN Morning Show
Finding Your Health Balance

Print & Online

Christian Science Monitor 
Lost your job? Documentary details layoffs' sweet side
8 Foods a nutritionist would never eat

Practice Better
Practitioner Spotlight: Michelle Pfennighaus
10 Snacks To Help You Lose the Baby Weight
Rival Ina Garten With These 27 Roast Chicken Recipes
7 Easy Ways To Bust Out Of Your Winter Funk

Baltimore’s Child
Tips for Avoiding Excessive Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Foods That Aren’t What They Seem
5 Momtrepreneurs Share Their Tips for Managing Time with a Toddler
Meet Our New Health Expert: Michelle Pfennighaus

New Balance
Get To Know Michelle Pfennighaus
Beautiful Voices


Michelle Leotta has been featured on ABC, CBS, NPR and in the movie “Lemonade” with her inspiring story of burnout recovery. Once working non-stop in the fast paced world of Big Advertising, she suffered with debilitating anxiety, fainting spells and IBS. As an Integrative & Functional Health Coach, Michelle has spent the past 10 years helping go-getter women heal from chronic stress and its accompanying symptoms. She has zero plans to cover up the hard-earned silver streaks in her curls. Learn more at


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