Building a Baby Ready Body

Building a Baby Ready Body eBook

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When I first got pregnant, my doctor handed me a prescription for prenatal vitamins and mumbled something about folic acid. That was the extent of our conversation about nutrition.

Building a Baby Ready BodyBut we can’t blame doctors. First, they aren’t trained extensively in nutrition. Second, there isn’t much time for discussion during the short window they see each patient.

However women preparing for pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding – the most transformative events of our lives – should be armed with more than a prescription for generic vitamins.

I wrote this book because having a baby changed the way I think about food.

What is it?

This ebook is a PDF file you can download and read on your computer, tablet or iPhone. Don’t worry, it’s not a boring nutrition manual! I’ve condensed years of research and experience into a quick read that gets to the point and tells you what you really need to know.

Who’s it for?

This book is for women who are considering pregnancy, currently pregnant or breastfeeding – specifically those who want to take charge of their health yet don’t have time to sift through tons of information. It’s for the first time mom who has lots of questions, and the 5th time mom who knows her previous pregnancies have left her depleted.

“Michelle has taken the biggest secrets in maternal health and nutrition that no one is talking about and compiled them into an accessible, fun and practical guide that every mama, mama-to-be and women’s health provider should read. I see first hand how well-nourished mothers can actually prevent dysfunction and change the course of their births and postpartum recoveries. Michelle gets straight to the point in telling you how. This is for anyone who wants a healthier baby and an easier, healthier conception, pregnancy, birth, recovery and breastfeeding experience (basically everyone).”
-Laurie Conner, Birth Doula and Owner of Bellymoon, LLC

“Rather than dictate restrictive meal plans or make women feel badly about lifestyle choices, Michelle uses humor, personal experience and common sense to encourage women to take small steps to make healthful changes to their diet as their needs evolve. As a woman who is just beginning to hear the tick-tock of her biological clock, I found this book informative and helpful without being preachy and would definitely recommend it to my friends.” -JM

“Michelle has such a great way of taking huge amounts of knowledge and boiling it down to the most important bits. Being in the third trimester of pregnancy I feel inundated with all the tips, tricks and advice people have to give. Reading this was like a bit of fresh air to help cut through the clutter and get right down to the most important parts.” – DS

Building a baby ready body means:

  • Paying attention to the fertility-enhancing foods that traditional cultures have known about and used for centuries.
  • Establishing simple, healthy habits that will serve you throughout motherhood.
  • Emphasizing key nutrients that minimize your chances of morning sickness, hypothyroid conditions and anxiety.
  • Nourishing yourself through the hard work of labor – despite hospital rules.
  • Eating food that encourages a healthy milk supply for your baby.

Go ahead, take a peek inside:

Table of contents

4 Hi there, I’m Michelle
5 What I think is odd
6 1st baby? Or 5th?

7 Pre-conception
8 Straight talk
10 Healthy habits
18 Fertility foods
28 Prepare with magnesium

29 Pregnancy
32 Straight talk
33 Foods to emphasize
42 Sample pregnancy menus
43 Should you take prenatal vitamins?
44 Dealing with food cravings
49 Prepare with sea vegetables
50 A Well-Fed Thyroid
53 Dealing with pregnancy symptoms
56 Glucose tolerance testing

59 Childbirth & Postpartum
60 Nourishment for the hardest work
62 Replenish yourself postpartum
64 Top 10 Reasons To Eat Your Placenta
68 And I just want to say…

69 Breastfeeding
71 Liquid gold
72 Straight talk
74 What to eat while breastfeeding
76 Snack ideas
77 Lactogenic foods
80 If baby has symptoms

82 Recipes
88 Resources

Building a Baby Ready Body includes realistic advice and practical information about nutrition for pre-conception, pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. You’ll also get yummy recipes designed with a baby ready body in mind and links to further resources.

When you follow my recommendations, you will feel confident, strong and ready to take on the challenges and rewards of motherhood. We all deserve this sort of support!