Have you fallen off track? How do you get back on?

From the minute you wake up until the minute you go to sleep, it feels like you’re running.

You were told you could be anything you wanted to be when you grew up. Even President of the United States! But instead of anything you’re trying to be EVERYTHING.

You’re tired and overwhelmed with responsibility. You’re basically running on fumes.

It’s not that you don’t want to be healthy. It’s just hard to stay on track when there are so many other demands. Sure, you’d love to clean up your diet, lose a few pounds and feel more energized. But taking care of yourself?

That feels like one more item on the to-do list.


Imagine hitting the reset button. Not only on your body, but on your mind.

You wake up feeling refreshed. You notice that your clothes are fitting better.

Your mind is clear, your body is calm. And you’re able to take care of business (and the kids and everything else) with steady energy all day long. It’s almost like there are more hours in the day! And you’re actually smiling and enjoying it all.

Earlier this year, I worked with a supermom named Sarah.

She’s one of these women who has 3 different freelance jobs, carts her kids from activity to activity, participates in local organizations and cooks dinner every night. As you might guess, she came to me feeling completely wiped out.

Sarah became my client because she wanted to focus on eating cleaner, healthier food.

And she did exactly that. In the end, she was feeling more energy and had even dropped some weight. But that wasn’t the interesting part.

The interesting part was this:

Sarah was just as busy as before, but now she had more space. She felt more centered and laughed more often. I remember she even started cleaning out her closets! She told me “I just feel like myself again – it’s like I’m back on track.”

It wasn’t a magic pill. And Sarah isn’t alone. I’ve seen this happen again and again.

There are different ways to try and get back on track. Have you tried these?

main“It’s time for a diet. Or cleanse.”
There’s something really motivating about taking on a new diet plan or cleanse program. Part of the attraction is having a structure or set of rules to follow.

But here’s the downside.

Following a set of strict rules can reinforce a pattern of not listening to your own body. Huge problem. Further, it feeds into a destructive habit of judging ourselves “good” or “bad.” If we eat this, we are “good.” If we eat that, we are “bad.”

Yes, a diet plan or cleanse can help you lose weight or feel good in the short term. But the motivation usually wears off. What stays? A stick to beat yourself with because you’re not being “good” anymore.


“I’m gonna meditate every morning!”
Hey, that’s awesome. A mindfulness-based practice can work wonders.

On Day 1 you feel good. Day 2, your mind keeps drifting to that pile of bills on the counter. On Day 3 you have an early meeting so you skip meditation and promise you’ll do it tomorrow. On Day 4, your kid wakes up early.

By Day 5, you’ve lost momentum. Your life just feels too busy to add another daily task.

“My friend has been drinking some kind of juice or shake.”
The supplement and weight loss industry is enormous. Everyone wants a quick fix. Whatever situation you’re up against – weight gain, anxiety, exhaustion – there’s surely something you can take in pill or shake form.

I’m all for giving our bodies much-needed nutrients.

But what’s IN those expensive products, anyway? And are you going to keep taking them forever?

Each of these approaches are different, but they all assume you need to do more, spend more, be more strict, and deny yourself and your cravings.

This Fall, get back on track by reinventing your relationship to food. And, to yourself.

Your body is unique and so are your challenges. We’ll start by assessing where you are, and where you’d like to be. Plus, we’ll make the one simple mindset shift that is essential for healthy, happy living.

Week One
From misleading health food claims to insatiable cravings, there are a million different ways to fall off track. This week, you’ll gain tools for avoiding such pitfalls. You’ll also be introduced to a new, simplified way of eating. But there’s no dogma here. You can be vegetarian, gluten-free, paleo or anything in between. The techniques you learn will apply to (and enhance!) any style of eating.

Week Two
Sugar addiction? Lagging energy? Chemical exposures you aren’t even aware of? This week will cover these topics and more. Plus, you’ll begin experimenting with your food and gaining valuable information about your body and life.

Week Three
Here’s where it gets awesome. You’re going to start to feeling positive changes in your body! You’ll also gain confidence in situations like restaurants and dealing with family members who eat differently.

Week Four
Finally, you’ll take what you’ve learned about your unique body and define a plan for moving forward, on track. Don’t worry…you’ll have access to this course and community for long after the official program ends. We’re playing the long game, together!



If you’re familiar with Michelle’s old 21-day program, know that this is a completely different, updated experience.

The new Reinvent is an online course with brief weekly video modules to watch on your time, plus live office hours with Michelle. Join us this Fall and you’ll be a member for life, with full access to the program materials and online community.

Fall session dates:
10/27 – 11/23

Options for live office hours with Michelle:
Wednesdays, 11/4 and 11/18 at Noon Eastern
Saturdays, 11/7 and 11/21 at 4pm Eastern
If you can’t make office hours, that’s ok. You can submit questions in advance and watch the recordings later.

You’ll also get:
– Handouts and worksheets to help you apply what you’re learning to your life.
– Access to a community of peers on a private Facebook forum.
– A group atmosphere with personalized attention.
– Lifetime membership to Reinvent. You’ll have access to all materials, including updates, for the life of the program.


Register before midnight ET on 10/21/15 and you’ll get:

1. Free email support
That way if you have questions too personal for a group forum, you’re not left hanging.

2. The Reinvent Cookbook, Suggested Meal Plans & Done-For-You Shopping Lists
You’ll have tons of new ideas with 100+ pages of Reinvent breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks. These are simple recipes designed for busy people who still want to eat delicious food. Please note, you do not have to follow these meal plans or only eat from the cookbook. These are resources for you to use however you like, or simply be inspired by.

3. Grab-and-Go Reinvent “Hacks”
For those situations where you’re hungry and short on time! Eating real food doesn’t mean being chained to the kitchen. This resource will help you find quick, easy Reinvent-friendly options.

Remember, when you join this Fall’s Reinvent, you are a member for the lifetime of the program. You’ll remain part of a like-minded community and have access to all materials and future updates.

2 installments of $175, or $300 if paid in full.


I know you’re going to love Reinvent. It’s a life changing experience. But if you can show us you’ve participated fully, done all the worksheets by 11/11/15 and still found no value in the program, we will refund you 100%. No questions asked.

Unfortunately, slipping off track leads to sluggish energy, digestive trouble and other, more serious health conditions.

There are many ways to try and reclaim yourself and your health. But it can be a rollercoaster of attempt after attempt. How about stepping off the ride and joining us for something more sane?