How to get your energy back naturally

How To Get Your Energy Back Naturally (Day 3)

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Anyone can do this. Seriously.

Even, say…someone working in advertising, living on coffee and frozen meals. She may know nothing about what’s dragging her down, but she knows she’s exhausted.

That was me.

When I started tinkering with holistic health, I had no training. I had no idea what I was doing. And I wasn’t totally convinced that things could change.

I experimented for years. Yes, years. I tried macrobiotics. I went vegan. Then I started eating meat again. I got off sugar and caffeine. For a period of time all I ate was beans and rice. It wasn’t very delicious. And it was confusing! Everything I read about nutrition was conflicting so I ended up going in circles for a long time.

Of course, I eventually got a handle on things. It felt amazing to have my energy back! I re-joined the world of the living!

I don’t want YOU to wait years. I want you to feel that same surge of energy without having to navigate through 100’s of dietary theories and holistic health remedies.

Today I’m sharing some tried-and-true energy boosters that you can use right away.

Then I’ll show you a plan to bring back your energy in an even BIGGER way.

Energy Boost 1: Minty refreshment

Imagine it’s the morning and you’re still a little sleepy. (Not hard to imagine, is it?)

You’re drying off from your shower… and INSTEAD of that lotion from the drugstore, you reach for a bottle that you filled yourself. It’s got olive oil, maybe sesame oil, and a few drops of peppermint essential oil mixed in. Oh yeah.

Pour a little into your hands and get all moisturized. Don’t worry, it soaks right into your skin.

It’s totally natural – and can we talk about that peppermint scent? Super refreshing. Perks you right up.

By the way, you can get peppermint oil at any natural food store or you can order it online. Whole Foods even sells it under their 365 label so it’s really affordable. I use peppermint oil for headaches and stuffy noses and to make my famous Real Food Candy Cane Chocolate Bark.

Energy Boost 2: The right kind of snacks

When do you tend to get snacky? Mid-morning? Mid-afternoon? Maybe all day long?

First of all, I think the advice of eating 6 small meals throughout the day is garbage. I’ll go on that tangent another time. Suffice it to say it’s not about eating MORE. It’s about eating the right foods.

Now, it’s easy to grab some cookies from the conference room or a bag of chocolate-covered pretzels at the store, right? But remember what I was telling you the other day about sugar? It aggravates your low-energy problem.

Sustained, natural, long-lasting energy comes from healthy proteins and fat.

It’s like the different between burning paper and burning a log. Sugar burns super fast and then BOOM. You’re even more tired than you were before. Protein and fat burn low and strong like a log.

So INSTEAD of the cookies, you grab some hummus and carrot sticks. Or a bag of your favorite nuts. Heck, a couple slices of bacon. For real. We are pro-bacon around here and I hope I get the chance to tell you why.

But the point is, your hunger gets satisfied and you haven’t sent yourself on a rollercoaster ride of energy highs and lows.

Energy Boost 3: Breathe, baby

If you’re like most of us, you spend a good amount of time on the computer during the day. Or maybe on your phone, checking emails even when you aren’t at the computer.

A funny thing happens when we’re working online:

We often stop breathing.

We’re typing and working and we’re forgetting to breathe, or we’re taking these really shallow, short breaths.

You know your body and brain need oxygen, right? So the next time you’re online – Hmmm how about right now? Stop and breathe some big, full breaths that expand your rib cage.

Do that again.

One more time.

More oxygen = more energy. That’s a fact.

But, hey. Imagine feeling so good you don’t need energy boosts like these. Or coffee.

What if you felt steady, calm and focused all day long?

You could be a Prius – energy efficient, going about your business for miles and miles without needing to stop for gas.

I want you to feel like I did when I finally untangled the mess of nutrition and health information out there!

Here’s what it boils down to:

1. Eating nutrient dense (but totally delicious) food including meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, chocolate….oh yes, I said chocolate! Bland food doesn’t make you healthy, trust me. In fact, when food is bland, we are less likely to eat it. I’ve learned how to make real, whole food tasty as heck. You can do the same, even if you aren’t exactly Julia Child.

2. Carefully eliminating things that are addictive, allergenic or difficult to digest. We’ve talked about a few of these already. Going cold turkey is rough though. There’s a better way.

3. Simple lifestyle shifts to reduce our toxic load. The body knows what it’s doing. Our job is to lessen the workload. I’ve got a bunch of tricks that are natural, quick and effective for reducing toxicity and don’t require any sort of supplements or magic potions.

Listen. You won’t get your energy back until you begin.

That’s why tomorrow I’ll be sending you details about a system proven to create healthy habits and unleash your energy within days.

You may have heard of it already. It’s called Reinvent 21. Tomorrow I’m going to introduce a bunch of new recipes and give you a sneak peek inside.

Hang on until then and I’ll show you everything you need to know.

For now, tell me in the comments something you’ve learned so far during this e-course that you definitely want to try:

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