She’s Got Power Signature System

This system is something I’ve used with countless private clients through the years. Now you can borrow what works best for the most women, and apply it to your own life.

No extras, no fluff. Promise.

  1. Start with parts 1-3 below so you understand what the system is all about.
    (Please download all materials to your computer – they are yours to keep but will not be available here after April 30, 2022.)
  2. Then, we’ll kick off together March 20-24th.
    This is a chance to try the system out with my support and guidance. During this time I’ll be available inside our private Facebook group and you can expect a daily email guiding you through the process. Be sure to watch the videos and do some grocery shopping ahead of time 🙂

Remember, I can give you what I know works best for most women in my private practice, but I don’t know your health history or unique story. If you feel you’d benefit from working together privately, that is always an option – schedule a call to chat about it.

Part 1: Build Calm

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Daily Checklist
Recipes – Level 1 (everyone starts here – gluten/dairy/sugar free)
Recipes – Level 2 (typical next stage elimination – gluten/dairy/sugar/grain/soy free)
Recipes – Level 3 (full elimination of inflammatory foods)
Common Inflammatory Foods

Part 2: Build Strength

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Most Nutrient Dense Foods

Part 3: Build Resilience

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Root Cause Quiz
Supplement Guide