How to get your energy back naturally

How To Get Your Energy Back Naturally

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Day 1: You actually have tons of energy. But it’s getting wasted.

Jennifer is a mom. She always struggled to get out of bed. After kicking some old habits she was “up and at ’em!” in the mornings, just like her kids.

Heather is a doula. Her hours are erratic, long and strenuous. After trying a new approach to food and energy she was amazed at how much better she felt seeing women through hours (days!) of labor.

Maria is in her 20’s. She should be full of energy, right? Unfortunately not. She was dragging around, feeling unmotivated. But a few upgrades to her diet made a huge difference. She found the energy to change her life, including her career.

Know what’s funny?

Not “haha” funny. Just…strange.

We have every modern convenience to save time and energy. We have access to food like never before. So what gives? Why are we so tired?

Listen, you already have the energy you need. But instead of it being available to play with your kids, take the next step in your career or simply walk around with your eyelids fully open…here’s where it goes:

Your body is using massive amounts of energy to maintain homeostasis.

It’s an exhausting job.

Homeostasis means equilibrium. Balance. Your body will do just about anything to maintain it.

For example, when you eat sugar your body produces insulin to stabilize your blood glucose. If your hip bones are uneven, the entire curvature of your spine will change to ensure that your eyes are level with the horizon. If you’re exposed to toxins (and we all are, every day) your detoxifying organs will do their best to eliminate them OR sequester them into fat tissue.

The more imbalanced you become, the more energy it takes for your body to compensate. All day. Every day.

Consistently low energy is a sign that your body is struggling with this task.

You’re not alert. You’re not feeling particularly motivated. And you’re not as happy as you remember being in the past.

You’re probably dragging yourself out of bed in the morning feeling hazy…like you’re walking through molasses.

That was me.

I struggled with anxiety, depression and fainting spells for years. I’ve passed out more times in public than I care to remember. I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning and throughout the day I would get lightheaded and nauseous for no reason. Well…there WAS a reason. But I didn’t know what it was. I also suffered with IBS and recurring sinus infections – some that were so bad I started missing weeks of work at a time.

But you know what? The doctors said I was fine. I was normal. Mono? No. Low iron? No. My blood work looked good.

Isn’t that incredible? Doctor after doctor could find nothing wrong with me. And to make a long story short, I finally decided to take matters into my own hands and look at alternative sources of health information. What I learned was that my body was under TREMENDOUS stress, not only emotional stress but physical stress.

In short, I was eating all the wrong foods and carrying around a toxic load the size of Alaska.

5 Symptoms of Major Imbalance

1. Well, of course, you’re tired. We’ve already covered that.

2. Um, personal question. How often do you move your bowels? Are you going #2 at least once per day? Your bowel movements should happen AT LEAST once per day. Twice daily is even better. They should be comfortable and fairly effortless.

If that’s not the case, you know your digestive system is backed up and full of toxins. I know mine was. Prior to changing my diet and lifestyle, I never had a normal bowel movement and was always suffering from gas and bloating.

3. How’s your skin? Is it clear and smooth? Or is it dull, dry and lifeless? Very oily? Do you have eczema or acne? I was the kind of woman who NEVER left the house without concealer, foundation, powder. Now I hardly wear makeup at all. (Stick with me and I’ll give you ALLLL my natural, non-toxic skincare secrets…)

4. How’s your sleep? Do you find it easy to fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up refreshed? If you’re suffering from insomnia or getting up multiple times a night to use the bathroom – your body is talking to you. It’s a vicious cycle because when your sleep stinks, you’re even more tired and further behind in your energy levels.

5. What is your mood like? Do you often feel kind of…pissy? Annoyed? Angry? Impatient? Do you lack focus? Have you had a hard time even reading this far? Do you experience road rage? These are signs that you are out of balance. (Guess what? It’s affecting those around you, too.)

Tomorrow I’m going to tell you about the top mistakes people make when they feel tired – and name names on the top energy-zapping foods.

But for now, here’s what I want you to do:

Re-read those 5 points above. Take note of which symptoms you’ve been experiencing.

Then, tell me in the comments below: WHY DO YOU NEED MORE ENERGY? Like, what would you do if you had a little extra oomph powering your days? I’d love to hear about it and will try to respond to every comment.

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