Michelle Pfennighaus, Certified Health Coach

Nutrition & Health Coaching

You’re busy but you care about your health. I know you do! You’ve tried different things but the problem is…nothing works. At least not long term.

Plus, it’s confusing. Are you supposed to eat gluten or not? Is vegetarian the way to go? And which protein shake should you choose?

Imagine enjoying your food and feeling confident in your body.

The struggle disappears. Instead, you relax and enjoy your meals. You’ve learned to eat well at home and on the go, without spending a fortune. You show compassion for yourself in the face of chocolate.

Best of all, those lingering health issues begin to disappear and your clothes start to fit better.

You feel a sense of ease.

You’ve been too hard on yourself.

For years I nibbled on fat free food and limited my lunches to Lean Cuisine entrees. I had coffee with skim milk and Equal. (Then I’d demolish a half gallon of ice cream sitting in front of the TV at night.)

Crippling anxiety, fainting spells and IBS brought me to my doctor in my early 20’s. They shrugged and said I was fine. The truth is, doctors are barely trained in nutrition. And they’re not able to talk with you in-depth during those short visits. It’s really not their fault. It’s simply outside the scope of their practice.

When therapist recommended anti-anxiety medication, I looked to natural alternatives to reduce the anxiety in my life instead.

And of all the things I tried, it was a change in diet that created the most amazing, overall changes in my mind and body.

Eating real, whole food was great. But that restrictive relationship continued. I cut out sugar, dairy, meat, fish and any form of processed food. For awhile, all I ate was beans and rice. Physically, I felt better than ever. But at the same time I felt cut off from the people around me.

Finally, when I went to nutrition school, I learned how to balance my nutritional needs with the rest of my life. How and when to enjoy a hamburger. How to eat those veggies but also make room for birthday cake.

I finally felt balanced.

We tend to go to extremes.

“I Have To Be Good”
Familiar with this idea? We make a resolution to eat healthy. Maybe we’re going to count calories. Or maybe there’s no plan at all but we’re pretty sure we should eat a lot of lettuce and absolutely no salad dressing. We’re going to go to the gym every day. We’re going to be “good.”

“I’m Going Vegan and Organic”
Vegan obviously is the healthiest diet and we want to live a long time and be skinny like Gwyneth Paltrow. No meat for us. No milk, no cheese. No problem. We can do this. Quinoa is soooooo tasty. And we love spending $750 at the grocery store.

“Oh, Screw It”
This happens around the second glass of wine or 3 seconds into vacation. It can also happen if we’re stuck at work until 9pm or in a mall during lunchtime. Or if it’s, y’know, Friday. Dieting is just too hard. And if we can’t be perfect, then why bother trying? And anyway…we deserve it. We’ve been so “good.”

Our 1-on-1 sessions are all about you.

Which is great, because every person’s situation is different. (In case you haven’t noticed, I don’t advocate for any particular eating style.)

I’ll ask about your health. Your family. Your job. Yes, holistic health is bigger than food. I’ll want to know what you’ve been eating and how it’s working for you. Or not.

You’ll tell me what’s driving you crazy. What you love. What you want to achieve. We’ll figure out what your goals are, and why.

And we’ll laugh because taking ourselves too seriously can be deadly!

You can ask as many questions as you want. I’ve had thousands of clients from around the world over the past 6 years. If you ask something I haven’t heard before, you get a prize.

In between sessions, you can email me as things come up. Life happens. I’m here to support you.

The results

You’ll have more energy. Confidence. Steadier moods. Your clothes will start to fit better…even the ones in the back of your closet. Health concerns will become less concerning.

You’ll start feeling like yourself again.


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